The League of Monster Slayers

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The Savage Coast John Wolf (455,675)
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Tier 1

Objective: Find the treehouse

The treehouse is located at (502,896).

Objective: Enter the treehouse

Interact with the ladder (F) to start climbing it. Move forwards to keep climbing.

Objective: Read the League’s initiation ritual

On the table inside the treehouse there are some hand-written documents.

This document describes what you will be doing through the entirety of the mission.

Tier 2

Objective: Find Dead Man’s Canyon

North-east of the treehouse. To get there, head north until you reach the mountainside, then head east. The Dead Man's Canyon is through the tight passage.there.

Objective: Poke a dead body

There is a dead body between two wooden logs on the ground. Be prepared for a fight.

Objective: Kill the body

This is a pretty basic fight. End the body's miserable existence.

Tier 3

Objective: Find the shortcut

Head in the opposite direction from the Dead Man's Canyon.

Objective: Go to Devil’s Fork

After coming through the shortcut, turn left and proceed forward in a straight line along the river.

Objective: Kill the Shadowrunner

It will be patrolling the of the Devil's Fork, near the two logs planted across the river. This Ak'ab is very similar to the other Ak'abs in the area, only slightly stronger.

Tier 4

Objective: Go to the Cave of the Sleeping One

North-west of the Devil's Fork (where you killed the Shadowrunner Ak'ab). Head through the cave entrance.

Objective: Pick a black rose

Go to the end of the cave. On the right side, there will be a patch of Black Roses.

Objective: Go to the Black Pool

You can find the Black Pool at (210,985).

Objective: Spit into the Black Pool

Spit into the Black Pool by typing /spit in the chat.

You can access a lot more commands and emotes by inputting writing / in the chat and then press ENTER.

Objective: Kill the Filthy Thing

A Filthy Thing will spawn and pull you into the black pool. You should step out of the black pool if pulled into it, as standing in it will give more and more stacks of Filth exposure. KIll the Filthy thing before it kills you!

Tier 6

Objective: Go to the God Cave

The God Cave is at the Agartha entrance. Head south in pretty much a straight line to get there.

Objective: Read the note from the League

By the entrance to the cave with the Agartha entrance inside, there is a note on the mountainside on the right side. Read it.

Weclome to the League of Monster Slayers!

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