The Light That Blinds

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The Savage Coast Natural ward (140,870)
2 448 600

Curious Native American wards hang from the roof outside Red's Bait and Tackle. Investigate them, try to find out how they work, and attempt to reproduce them.

Tier 1

The wards are unlike anything else. It's worth taking a closer look. Examine one of the wards, then try and construct one yourself.

Objective: Examine one of the wards

Examine the Natural Ward.

Tier 2

The wards are of solid craftsmanship, but look to be little else than sinew and black feathers.

Objective: Gather black feathers

Objective: Acquire sinew from a Deep One

Creating a natural Ward will require 3 Black Feathers and 1 sample of Sinew from a Deep One.

Black Feathers

Pick up three (3) Black Feathers from the immediate vicinity around Red's Bait and Tackle. There are a total of 11 Black Feathers scattered nearby.

Black Feathers can be found at the following points:

  • (121.372, 851.96) - On the northwestern corner of the Tolba Bay Pier closest to the road.
  • (134.195, 817.151) - On the seat of a small boat docked at Tolba Bay by the pier.
  • (145.278, 824.337) - On the ground by a lifebuoy pole and a lobster trap by a beached boat on the shores of Tolba Bay.
  • (163.848, 849.79) - On the ground by the trunk of the blue car parked at Red's Bait and Tackle.
  • (166.122, 839.641) - On the concrete barrier between the southern telephone pole and the fence at Red's Bait and Tackle.
  • (172.954, 862.927) - Caught between the mesh in the middle of the fence, behind the red truck parked at Red's Bait and Tackle.
  • (129.007, 878.484) - In front of the northern telephone pole in front of Red's Bait and tackle.
  • (135.344, 885.636) - Behind the fence on the northern side of Red's Bait and Tackle.
  • (155.774, 889.97) - On top of a fallen log behind Red's Bait and Tackle.
  • (110.818, 908.262) - By the cliffs next to Solomon Road north of Tolba Bay separating it from Bigfoot Cove.
  • (103.448, 863.513) - Between two lobster traps on the shores of Tolba Bay.


To acquire sinew from a Deep One, go to either the top of Tolba Bay or Bigfoot Cove (50,940) and kill the Tolba Bay Creatures. One of them will drop its Sinew as loot upon death.

Be sure to loot the Sinew.

Tier 3

Having gathered sinew and feathers, attempt to assemble the pieces into a ward like the ones outside Red's Bait and Tackle.

Objective: Assemble a ward

It's time to use your reagents. There are two ways to Assemble a Ward: Either use the stack of [Black Feather] or the [Sinew] from within the Mission Inventory. Doing so assembles the Natural Ward consumable item that can be used to disorient nearby ak'ab.

Using the Natural Ward item allows you to cast Disoriented, which is a PBAoE with a 5 second cast time that silences nearby foes - namely ak'ab - with Disoriented for 60 seconds.

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