The Player, Not the Piece

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The Savage Coast Red (150,870)
4 896 600

Red is playing a game of chess with his niece and uses the game as a metaphor for dealing with the draug invading Tolba Bay. He advocates playing a patient game, or - mixing his metaphors - introducing an unexpected element that changes the rules.

Tier 1

As a new player in the game, perhaps your actions can goad the draug into overreaching. Start by repelling the invaders.

Objective: Kill Askr Draug

Kill 10 of the Askr Draug invading Tolba Bay (95,805). Any of the Askr Impalers, Askr Maulers, Askr Broodwitches, or Askr Volur will be sufficient.

Tier 2

Though they may not be deserving of a Viking funeral, draw the draug's ire by burning their fallen on the beach.

Objective: Burn the draug cadavers on a pyre on the beach

Ignite the pyre (50,810) on the northern tip of the Tolba Bay beach.

Objective: Hold off the attacking Askr Draum-konur

The draug did not see that coming, and they are incensed. Hold off the attacking Askr Draum-konur and deal with the cadavers to further antagonise them.

A total of Five (5) waves consisting of 1 Askr Draum-konur each will slowly attack. Defeat them all.

Objective: Stake the draug bodies on the nearby pikes

Place each of the 5 draug bodies on the pikes one at a time.

Tier 3

Your grisly display had the desired effect, drawing more aggressive and powerful draug inland. Perhaps you can use similar tactics to lure out the leaders.

Objective: Kill the Askr Queen

Kill the Askr Queen that has been lured out by the impaled draug corpses.

Objective: Haul the body of the Askr Queen to Sips Head and stake it

Go to the tip of Sips Head (30,775) and place the body of the Askr Queen on the jutting red rocks on the beach.

Tier 4

Now the draug seem to be playing by your rules. If this tactic holds up, the immediate draug threat in Tolba Bay could be brought to an end. You should expect a tough fight.

Objective: Kill the Askr Berserker

An Askr Berserker has been provoked by the sight of the impaled Draug Queen. Kill it.

Objective: Stake the Askr Berserker cadaver near Bigfoot Cove

Go to Bigfoot Cove north of Tolba Bay and place the Askr Berserker on the large pikes (80,955) at the shore of the cove.

Objective: Kill the Askr Lord

The lord of the Askr Draug has been antagonised into making an appearance. Use this opportunity to kill the Askr Lord.

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