Trespassers Will Be Zombified

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The Savage Coast Discarded Jacket (230,225)
2 432 600

Tier 1

Objective: Investigate the lacross [sic] court

Go to the nearby lacrosse field (255,185).

The trespassers are none other than a rival school's team!

Objective: Destroy the Trespassing Attacker

Objective: Destroy the Trespassing Defender

Objective: Destroy the Trespassing Goalie

The Trespassing Attacker rapidly runs around the lacrosse field and stops at various points in mockery of a game. Take them out of the game. Destroy the Trespassing Attacker.

Kill the Trespassing Defender as they sluggishly cross the field.

The Trespassing Goalie never stopped keeping goal (315,210) and must be destroyed.

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