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The Scorched Desert Dead Council Agent (160,700)
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The presence of a dead Council of Venice agent in the ancient ruins of Sol Glorificus is highly unusual. A blood trail leads away...

Tier 1

Find out why the Council of Venice agent was in Sol Glorificus, and inform Amparo Osorio of the agent's fate.

Objective: Follow the blood trail

Follow the trail of blood leading away from the Dead Council Agent. Visual tracking has been initiated to help spot the dried blood.

The trail of blood leads to a small cavern between the ruins and the mountains (190,735) on the Northern edge of Sol Glorificus. There the blood trail ends at the feed of a reanimated Roman legionnaire known as Immunes Ennuis (190, 745).

Objective: Defeat Immunes Ennuis

Destroy the troublesome entity that is Immunes Ennuis.

Objective: Pick up the ancient manuscript

Take the ancient manuscript from the table.

Objective: Deliver the ancient manuscript to Amparo Osorio

Go to the Council of Venice agent Amparo Osario (595,435) in al-Merayah and approach her to deliver the the ancient manuscript. One of her fellow Councilmembers died for that scroll.

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