Snakes and Looters

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The Scorched Desert Phoenician supplies (615,780)
2 020 700

A lone crate with a Phoenician logo resides just outside the tourist temple. What mysteries await?

Tier 1

A Phoenician crate is in the middle of a group of cultists at the Tourist Temple. Determine how much the Phoenicians are working with the cultists.

Objective: Examine the phoenician crate

Examine the Phoenician crate of supplies.

Objective: Kill the Looter

A Looter ambushes you as you examine the crate. Kill them!

Objective: Find the Phoenician agent in Al-Merayah

The Phoenicians would surely know more. Return to al-Merayah and enter Cafe Giza to meet with Tanis (550,450), a Phoenician agent.

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