The Coveters

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The Scorched Desert Smashed crate (885,300)
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Mission Description

The cultists appear to have an interest in the many artifacts to be found in these lands, even going so far as to pillage from the Marya. Recovering what has been stolen would certainly help strengthen your faction's relationship with the Marya.

Display Bug: The Mission Waypoint for The Coveters is only present on the map of the Scorched Desert when in vicinity to the Smashed crate (885,300).

Tier 1

Task Description

The remnants of past ages mustn't fall into the hands of the enemy. Recover ancient relics and bring them to the Maryan camp for safe keeping.

Objective: Collect ancient Egyptian relics

Take 12 Egyptian relics from the nearby Atenists stationed in the south of the Scorched Desert. These Egyptian Relics can be found half-buried in sand as Atenists unearth them within the Marya Stand, the Slur, the Pumpking Station, and Wadi of the Crescent, South.

Objective: Store the relics at the Marya basecamp

Return to Marya Basecamp, East (885,300) and place the relics in the crate next to the smashed crate.

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