A Friendly Competition

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London Portal (140,125)

Mission Description

Isabel Rosenbaum has offered a rematch, should you be up to braving the perils of the Fragment in Between once more.

This mission is only available during the Rosenbrawl Open Week of Valentine's Day. It is unlocked after first successfully finishing A Match Made in Rosenbrawl, as it is a highly repeatable variant of the boss found at the end of the Investigation Mission.

A Frriendly Competition is a seasonal scaling mission with difficulty options ranging from Story Mode to Elite 17 based on the Level and highest achieved Item Power of the player.

This mission has a 2 minute cooldown.

For more information on the Valentine's Day Event, the various components specific to the Rosenbrawl Open Week, or the other associated event missions, please see our Valentine's Day Event Guide!

Tier 1

Task Description

Isabel Rosenbaum's portal is open to you. It's just a matter of meeting her on th other side. Maybe you should bring some friends.

Objective: Enter the portal

Approach the portal. This will cause a difficulty selection prompt to appear in lieu of the typical zoning prompt. Select the difficulty desired and enemy within shall be scaled accordingly. Doing so will take you to A Fragment In Between.

For those under level 50, the only difficulty available is Story Mode. For those at level 50, there are Elite difficulties available depending on the highest Item Power value achieved by your character.

A Chilly Night Together
The achievement A Chilly Night Together can only be completed by on the highest difficulty available to you while by yourself. You cannot get this achievement while in A Fragment In Between with a friend. The Masked Woman must be defeated alone.

Tier 1

Task Description

Isabel Rosenbaum waits for you. Good luck!

Objective: Fight the Masked Woman

Defeat the Masked Woman by bringing her to or below 10% HP. At that point, she teleports away and leaves a portal out of the pocket dimension.

This encounter has a 10 minute enrage timer.

Speed Dating
To obtain the achievement Speed Dating, the Masked Woman must be defeated by a full group of Five (5) players in the same instance of A Fragment In Between on any difficulty.

By the portal out is a Reward Chest, which can potentially contain Glyph Distillates, Talisman or Weapon Distillates, a Glyph Reward Bag, and Anima Shards with levels depending on the Elite difficulty chosen. There is always Romantic Cake. Reap your rewards.

This particular Reward Chest can be opened freely once per 8 hour period for maximum rewards and will place you on a loot lockout cooldown when opened. Opening any subsequent Reward Chests from A Friendly Competition or A Match Made in Rosenbrawl during the cooldown period will contain reduced rewards, but rewards nonetheless.

The Reward Chest's contents will never provide loot intended for difficulties higher than your highest achieved difficulty. It will never give above your maximum difficulty. If opened on a lower difficulty than your highest, it will reward loot appropriately for the difficulty, even if this means scaling down.

The Masked Woman

This is a scaling encounter that can be completed with 1-5 players and has multiple phases.

Immune to CC

The Masked Woman is permanently immune to Stuns, Knock Downs, Obstruction, Roots, and Snares.


Fire-based elementalism abilities cast by The Masked Woman such as Fire Manifestation and Firestar cause those hit by them to become afflicted with Burning, a damage over time debuff that lasts for 10 seconds per stack up to a maximum of 10 stacks. When Burning, you are visibly on fire.

Abilities that can result in Burning remove stacks of Freezing upon successful hits when Freezing is present on a target, up until the point that either: the target is no longer Freezing, the ability ends, or the target is no longer hit by said ability.

Conversely, Freezing will remove Burning.


The cold void of space is a perfect place for ice to form. Starting on Elite 4 Difficulty, Freezing Manifestation, Destabilizing Reality's Dimensional Ruptures, Fold Spacetime and its Dimensional Ruptures, and Shatter Singularity can all make you Freezing. The number of stacks applied depends on both the ability and difficulty level of the encounter. Freezing has no duration.

Upon reaching 10 stacks of Freezing, you are covered with ice and frozen solid on the spot. There is no escape. It is instant death. Avoid reaching 10 stacks at all costs.

Freezing is removed incrementally when Burning abilities hit. Burning, in turn, is removed when Freezing abilities hit or otherwise result in Freezing.

Phase 1

The Masked Woman begins the fight with three abilities: Fire Manifestation, Freezing Manifestation, and Firestar.

Fire Manifestation

In her fury to fight, the Masked Woman frequently summons a Fire Manifestation, a fiery GTAoE that persists for 10 seconds. Standing in the Fire Manifestation will deal damage while afflicting you with a stack of Burning for every second you stand in the flames. Burning lasts 10 seconds and deals damage over time dependent on the number of stacks, stacking up to a maximum of 10.

Entering a Fire Manifestation removes a number (decreasing as difficulty level increases) of pre-existing stacks of Freezing until no stacks are left, at which point you are Burning. As Freezing is not active below Elite 4, Fire Manifestation will immediately resort to Burning when below Elite 4 Difficulty.

Casts of Fire Manifestation alternate with casts of Freezing Manifestation.

Freezing Manifestation

Space is a frigid place. The Masked Woman calls upon a Freezing Manifestation, a GTAoE, that like the other Manifestation at her beck and call, lasts 10 seconds. Stepping in a Freezing Manifestation will hurt and cause you to be Snared for 5 seconds, which reduces movement speed by 70% while active.

Beginning on Elite 4 and persisting for every Difficulty Level thereafter, being caught in a Freezing Manifestation will make any within Freezing after a few seconds and remove present stacks of Burning.


The Masked Woman burns bright like a star - she's a Firestar! Firestar is a four-point single-hit column attack taking the form of a cross when cast. Being hit by the initial strike of Firestar will not only damage, but will also apply Burning.

Phase Change

When brought to or below 60% HP, the Masked Woman undergoes a phase transition that consists of one singular ability: Shatter Singularity.

Shatter Singularity

The Masked Woman seeks to Shatter Singularity when her health has been brought down low enough. The massive black hole PBAoE that is Shatter Singularity takes up an enormous portion of the platform and takes 8 seconds to cast. Run out to the edge and avoid being hit by the Shatter, as it deals devastating damage that increases the higher the difficulty level the fight. On Elite 4 and aboove, it grants 5 stacks of Freezing to any who are hit by it and didn't die. Don't get Shattered.

Escaping the Shatter Singularity results in gaining 2 stacks of Freezing on difficulties where Freezing is present.

Phase 2

Once Shatter Singularity has ended, the second phase begins. Fold Spacetime and Destabilizing Reality are now in her repertoire. Fire Manifestion and Freezing Manifestation are cast in this phase as well. She does not cast Firestar when in this phase.

Fold Spacetime

Using her mastery of dimensional magics, the Masked Woman periodically casts Fold Spacetime. When she does, she faces her target and disappears for a few seconds. She will teleport to a selected person, who will have a swirling chaotic green and blue visual on their feet. Once she teleports to where her target stands, the Masked Woman casts the PBAoE Fold Spacetime for 8 seconds. Fold Spacetime deals damage to anyone within it. All the while, the Masked Woman has a shield preventing any damage for the duration of Fold Spacetime.

On Story Mode and Elites 1-5, this ability consists solely of the innermost PBAoE around the Masked Woman. At Elite 6 Difficulty, Fold Spacetime gains 1 ring of Dimensional Ruptures around it that apply the slowing debuff Snared when stood in. This becomes a total of 3 rings at Elite 12 difficulty and onward.

Fold Spacetime and its Dimensional Ruptures apply stacks of Freezing on Elite 4+.

Destabilizing Reality

The Masked Woman frequently calls upon Destabilizing Reality, which causes a series of Dimensional Ruptures to appear as damaging GTAoEs for 5 seconds. The Ruptures can either follow their target, spread outward or inward as a converging cross, or spin out from their target as a spiral. It is random which form Destabilizing Reality's Dimensional Ruptures will take, but as with all Dimensional Ruptures, they should be avoided due their minor damage and their to their ability to give the Snared movement speed reduction and a stack of Freezing on difficulties on and above Elite 4.

Destabilizing Reality can be interrupted in Story Mode and Elites 1-5. On Elite 6+, this ability cannot be interrupted.


As of 2021, The Masked Woman encounter has no Enrage timer. In 2020, The Masked Woman encounter had a 10 minute Enrage timer.

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