The Rosenbrawl Your Soulmate (The Rosenbrawl)
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Mission Description

A SOULMATE arcade machine in the Rosenbrawl assigned a "potential match" to you, but also said you should kill your "potential match". You pushed past the conflicting information and obliterated your target.

This mission is a highly repeatable Area Mission, otherwise known as a 'Special Area Assignment' or 'Local Bounty'. It can only be completed from within the Rosenbrawl during the Valentine's Day Event. Access to the Rosenbrawl is required.

Tier 1

Task Description

You have successfully killed the match assigned to you by the SOULMATE machine in The Rosenbrawl.

Objective: Savor a match well made

FIFO On-Screen Message

Target match connection achieved. Congratulations!

Upon the death of a met potential romantic match, a congratulatory message displays while applying the mission Matched. The objective to savor a match well made itself has 5 minutes of time allotted to complete it by, but this is not utilized, as the mission is granted independent of how long it claims you have to savor your match well made. It will automatically complete within 2 seconds of being received.

Matched rewards Romantic Cake x 2 upon turn-in. This mission has a 5 minute cooldown.

Completing "Matched" for the first time will grant the Matchmaking achievement. This can occur separately from as well as alongside to the mission "A Match Made in Rosenbrawl".

To find a match, use the SOULMATE Arcade Machine in The Rosenbrawl during the Rosenbrawl Open Week Valentine's Day event. The SOULMATE will add you to a queue to match you with another player.

As soon as a potential match has been made by the SOULMATE, a trail of hearts will emerge from you and go in the direction of the match. The person designated as a match also has hearts floating above their head. Both heart visuals are only visible to yourself. A match may not realize that they have been paired as somebody else's match, as it does not necessarily match one person two people to each other.

The pool of matches is comprised of all those within the Rosenbrawl Arena at the time of matchmaking. If a match leaves The Rosenbrawl entirely, the person that was matched to them will be placed back in the queue to find a new match.

A person is matched for a maximum of approximately 10 minutes.

Once matched, you must locate your match by following the hearts to their destination. Only when this has happened will killing your match or allowing others to kill them count as a match well made and trigger this mission.

For more information on the Valentine's Day Event or the various components specific to the Rosenbrawl Open Week, see our Valentine's Day Event Guide!

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