Mother of a Season

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Agartha Steps to Niflheim (Hel)
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Hel is a 40-player Open Raid encounter available during the Winter Holidays.

Tier 1

Objective: Collect your reward

Upon beating Hel, the raid mission Mother of a Season is acquired provided the player does not have too many outstanding mission reports. Within seconds of receiving the mission, it completes.

Defeating Hel grants the buff Anima Surge, which allows a player to open a Malevolent Snowflake within 10 minutes of receiving it. Only one Malevolent Snowflake can be opened per Surge, although multiple Snowflakes can be opened in a day.

Agartha will expel players from the raid instance shortly after defeating Hel. Removal from the instance is staggered to reduce server lag, so some players will be teleported out first and others may have to wait a few seconds to leave the instance.

Go to Mother!
Defeating Hel in Agartha awards the achievement Go to Mother!.

Mother of a Season gives an Item Reward Bag upon completion. This mission has a 30 minute cooldown.

For more information on the contents of Malevolent Snowflakes, Hel's Item Reward Bag, Krampusnacht, and Winter Holidays in general, see our Winter Holidays Event Guide!

General Information


With the Krampus Gate left open, something far more powerful has access to Agartha. Upon the Steps to Niflheim await Hel. She will not suffer foolish bees lightly.

Hel is a 40-player Open Raid encounter within the Steps to Niflheim instance accessible in Agartha. She is frequently referred to as Super Hel due to the enormous size and health of this version of Hel. Every 00:02 minutes past the hour, the portal to the Steps to Niflheim becomes active for 10 minutes. While bosses inside may last after that period of time, no more may enter to face Hel once those 10 minutes have passed.

There are no level requirements necessary to enter and fight the mistress of death. A player only needs to have met Jack Boone in Kingsmouth Town in order to participate.

Steps to Niflheim

The portal to the Steps to Niflheim can be found between the Agartha Pad to the Training Grounds and the Transylvania region just outside of the Hollowed Halls (550,250).

Players within the Steps to Niflheim are buffed with Equal Footing so that their stats are scaled evenly regardless of their level.

Running into the portal while it is inactive will cause a popup to appear displaying the time remaining until it next opens.


Equal Footing

All players fighting Hel are buffed with Equal Footing upon entering Steps to Niflheim. Equal Footing scales all stats up, making level and gear largely irrelevant for the sake of the encounter.

Immune to CC

Hel is permanently immune to Stuns, Knock Downs, Obstruction, Roots, and Snares.

Cold Sleep

Periodically, Hel casts Cold Sleep, which causes a large circle to appear on the ground below a player. Cold Sleep inflicts massive damage on any within the AoE when Hel completes her cast.

Storm of Niflheim

Often, Hel will call upon the Storm of Niflheim to freeze her foes. The Storm of Niflheim rages around Hel as multiple smaller GTAoEs. Becoming hit by the Storm will cause a player to become Rooted for four seconds while receiving a small amount of damage. Becoming caught in too much of the Storm can still kill.

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