The Cat God

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The Savage Coast Ritual Stone (125,600)
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Stonehenge is a magnet of power and mystery. There are numerous versions of it in the folds of space and time, the most sacred of which can only be invoked with witches' prayers, or a witch's tongue. On the nights of Samhain, the circle serves as a gateway to other worlds.

This mission is available during Samhain from both the Ritual Stone in the Savage Coast (125,600) and Madame Rogêt in Kingsmouth Town (290,335). It is unlocked by successfully finishing The Meowling.

The Cat God rewards a Bag of Tricks and Treats and Sack of Cats upon completion. Nermegal is awarded as a First Time Completion Reward.

For more information on the contents of the Sack of Cats, Bag of Tricks and Treats, or Samhain itself, see our Samhain Event Guide!

Tier 1

Someone - or something - seeks to claw an ancient horror out of the dark. Travel into the sacred circle and stop the summoning ritual.

Objective: Enter the portal

Approach the portal by the ritual stone in the Savage Coast (125,600) to enter the nexus that is Stonehenge. If the portal disappears or otherwise needs to be opened, use the stone bowl.

The portal can only be created while on The Cat God.

Objective: Stop the summoning ritual

Stonehenge awaits, as does a peculiar ritual within its center. Approaching the formation will cause a veil of night to fall upon the Memory of Stonehenge when close to the ritual.

While in the Memory of Stonehenge, players are buffed with Equal Footing so that their stats are scaled evenly regardless of their level or item power. All encounters within the Memory of Stonehenge are balanced around this.

Samhain 2017 #3 sits in path leading to Stonehenge (215,220).

Four Cat Sidhe stand under the stones of Stonehenge and cast Catspeed You Black Emperor while the Incognito figure from before channels in the midst of the Henge, protected by magics.

Defeat all Cat Sidhe should you wish to engage the main figure behind it all: Irusan.

Cat Sidhe

86005 HP

When engaged, a Cat Sidhe benefits both from Feline Precision and Feral Speed. Feline Precision lasts for 20 seconds and increases attack rating, while Feral Speed temporarily boosts the Cat Sidhe's movement speed for 2 seconds so it can pounce on you more easily!

Animal Ferocity
Being ferocious felines, Cat Sidhe benefit from Animal Ferocity, which allows them to gain Rage on a successful critical hit. Rage increases their critical hit chance, but lowers their defence as a price to pay for being so ferocious.

The Cat Sidhe are particularly bloodthirsty and their Bloodthirst increases their critical hit chance, but can be purged.

Catspeed You Black Emperor
Until attacked or otherwise harmed, Cai Sidhe continuously channel Catspeed You Black Emperor as their part in the summoning ritual.

Being cats, Cat Sidhe favor multiple attempts to Overrun their prey with a column attack. Those Overrun by Cat Sidhe receive 5 stacks of Exposed. Each stack of Exposed lasts for 10 seconds and increases damage received by 2%, stacking up to a maximum of 10 times. There is a chance that anyone hit by the crazed Cat Sidhe's Overrun will be Stunned for 5 seconds.

Claw Open
Cat Sidhe Claw Open their foes in a frontal cone attack. Claw Open applies 3 stacks of Bleeding to anyone hit by it, inflicting damage over time that ignores barrier effects. Bleeding lasts 10 seconds per stack.


645037 HP

Once the Cat Sidhe are out of the way, Irusan becomes vulnerable and makes his move. Irusan, the Cat God, must be stopped to silence the yowling and feline screaming.

Immune to CC
Irusan is permanently immune to Stuns, Knock Downs, Obstruction, Roots, and Snares.

Irusan's normal attack is a ranged AoE strike aimed underneath his target's feet.

The Clawed Earth
To keep you from running away, Irusan often calls upon The Clawed Earth, which causes a shroud of purple miasma to fall along the perimeter of Stonehenge and damaging any who walk into the magical mist for as long as it is present.

Many Mouths
Frequently, Irusan bellows with Many Mouths, a cone attack that spews in a large area in front of him.

From the Dark Sidhe
To keep you away, Irusan periodically casts From the Dark Sidhe in a slash of his claws that knocks you down. He is very quick to make use of the opportunity by following From the Dark Sidhe up with an attack.

Half-Health Phase Change
Upon reaching approximately 50% HP, Irusan once again becomes invulnerable in an attempt to finish the ritual while four more Cat Sidhe appear within Stonehenge. The Cat Sidhe will not aggro unless attacked and are littered throughout the stones. Once the Cat Sidhe have been dealt with, Irusan resumes his assault using his usual repertoire.

Quarter-Health Cutscene
At 25% HP, Irusan dissipates in a puff of smoke and a cutscene is triggered, ending the fight.

Memory of Stonehenge Irusan Drops

Once the ritual is stopped and Irusan is defeated, one of five Mouser cats will drop in the middle of Stonehenge (255,255). These purrfect pets are also available from the Sack of Cats awarded for completing The Cat God.

  • Amethyst Mouser - See here.
  • Citrine Mouser - See here.
  • Garnet Mouser - See here.
  • Jade Mouser - See here.
  • Lapis Mouser - See here.

Tier 2

A man wearing the skin - and claws - of Irusan had come here to scrape something out of the sidhe. The cats believed their king had returned, had come to summon an ancient deity. The ritual has been interrupted and Samhain's borders are restored, for now.

Objective: Check back on Madame Rogêt

With Baron Samedi dealt with and the cats' fervor for their lost King quenched, it is time to return to Madame Rogêt in Kingsmouth Town and see how she is doing (285,325). Once you get down the steps of the Raven's Knock to its basement and cross the threshold, a cinematic will play.

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