Follow the White Rabbit

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Kaidan Received Automatically
16 000

This mission is received automatically upon initial completion of Spiral; however, if it is lost or does not trigger automatically, it can be picked up from Yuichi and Harumi Nakahara (855,470).

Tier 1

Objective: Find a way through the quarantine wall

It’s time to go beyond the wall. Cross over to the other side. There is an enormous hole in the Quarantine Wall (880,420) near Yuichi and Harumi's apartment.

Objective: Search for signs of the White Rabbit

Search the vicinity for possible signs of the infamous White Rabbit Killer.

A small Tuft of Fur can be found caught on a wire fence underneath a fallen lamppost (945,345). There is also a tuft closer to the Orochi Tank next to an empty bottle of sake (930,435).

Objective: Look for more clues to follow

Visual Tracking has been initiated.

Follow any farther signs of suspicious life nearby. A trail of cigarettes and abandoned bottles lay strewn on the road.

Follow the trash to its source behind an enormous tank near an apartment complex (935,560).

Completing this mission will automatically trigger the following mission Youth Outreach.

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