Ground Zero

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Ground Zero Flashback Mei Ling (195,215)
6 000

Tier 1

Objective: Pick up your second weapon from the bag

There is a large sack on the ground for you to use (195,215). Inside is the secondary weapon of the Starter Class chosen during character creation. It periodically glows.

Objective: Press (i) to open your Inventory and equip your new weapon.

Do as instructed and press 'i' to open your Inventory. Equip the Ephemeral weapon from there by right-clicking on it. The weapon is the second weapon of the class chosen at character creation.

Doing so will cause a small popup to appear explaining the basic mechanics of your secondary weapon.

Objective: Press (N) to open your skill window. Purchase an ability for your second weapon.

Press 'N' to bring up the skill window.

Follow the directions given by the skill window to purchase and equip your first ability for your second weapon. What ability is prompted will depend on the class chosen at character creation.

Objective: Open the gate

Use the gate behind Mei Ling, Rose, and Alex.

Objective: Fend off the filth

The Filth is coming! Defend yourself and the others from the onslaught.

Objective: Move on through the gate

With the Filth dealt with for now, finally move through the gate.

Objective: Overcome the filth

Stop the Filthy fiends assaulting you on the way down the gate.

Objective: Move on through the gate

Continue through the gate.

Objective: Defeat all creatures on the platform

Kill everything on the subway platform before the Filth Infected kill you.

Objective: Regroup with the team

Return to the others (230,185).

Objective: Press (N) to open your skill window. Purchase 2 Passive Skills for your Primary weapon

As instructed, press 'N' to open the skill window and follow the instructions to purchase the two directed Passives.

Objective: Proceed through the next platform gate

Cross the ruined subway tracks to the other side.

Objective: Kill the Filthy Mass

Coming close to the other platform causes the Filthy Mass to attack. Kill it before it can do the same to you.

Objective: Collect loot reward from defeated Filthy Mass

Aim your reticle to the floating bag before you where the Filthy Mass once stood and press 'F' to open it.

From there, either double-click on the Worn Curio to pick it up, or press 'F' to automatically take all items.

Objective: Equip your new gadget from your inventory by right-clicking it

Bring up your Inventory by pressing 'i' and equip the Worn Curio with a right-click.

Objective: Cross the tracks alone

Now you can finally cross the tracks to the other side.

The Filth #1 can be found at (250,215) before reaching the other side of the tracks. This Legend piece is available elsewhere in the game, so if you miss it here, don't worry!

Hop on the train car in the middle of the tracks (255,225).

Objective: Press (F) to help the Orochi Security officer up

Press 'F' while aiming your reticle at the Orochi Security officer to help the poor fellow.

Objective: Enter the battle against the Filth

Join the rest of the team in the battle against the vile collective known as the Filth.

Objective: Overcome the Filth

Destroy it all.

Objective: Kill the Guardian

Kill the massive beast that appears after overcoming the Filth.

Objective: Continue up the stairs and go find help

Head up the stairs now that no opposition stands in the way (200,255).

Objective: Head down to the end platform

Go down the stairs to the final platform. Look in to the abyss.

Objective: Return to your own consciousness

The abyss looks back. Wake up.

Tier 2

Objective: Move around to regain your senses

Meander about your immediate area and head toward the closest exit to complete the mission.

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