No Sleep till Brooklyn

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New York Received Automatically (365,405)

Tier 1

Objective: Look for a lead in the laundromat

Look to the laundromat directly across from you and look around for anything that might just be suspicious enough to help.

Approach Dave Screed in the back of the laundromat (350,365). Doing so will trigger a cutscene.

Tier 2

Objective: Find evidence of surveillance in the laundromat

They're always watching. Take a look around until you find their eyes - security cameras - and use one.

Objective: Find some more surveillance equipment outside

Leave the laundromat in search of another camera outside and use it, too.

Objective: Follow the trail of surveillance equipment

Follow the road to the next security camera (300,385).

Objective: Follow the trail of surveillance equipment

Continue down the road as directed by the security camera and your map to yet another one by a strange building (300,310).

Objective: Follow the Illuminati markings

The final security camera points to an unusual building with a triangle gracing it (290,290). Go inside.

Objective: Examine the Illuminati symbols

Just as Screed said, they have Eyes everywhere. Inspect the graffiti (280,290).

Tier 3

Objective: Follow the trail of Illuminati symbols

Follow the direction of the pointing graffiti within the labyrinthine sewers.

At the end is a strange entryway with the Eye and Pyramid painted proud (310,360). Cross it.

Tier 4

Objective: Enter the Illuminati complex

Make your way around to the far more complex doorway on the other side and step foot into the center of the labyrinth (290,360).

Once the precipice is crossed, the alarm system is set off and you are taken away. You found the Illuminati, and they found you.

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