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The Blue Mountain Received Automatically
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This mission is received automatically by members of the Illuminati upon completing Dawning of an Endless Night.

Tier 1

Objective: Meet Kirsten Geary in her office

Return to New York City and the Labyrinth of the Illuminati and meet with Kirsten Geary herself (285,335). Approaching her will trigger a cutscene.

Objective: Leave the office

Leave the office after being lectured by Kirsten Geary (290,340). When attempting to leave, a cutscene will trigger.

Tier 2

Objective: Figure out where you are, and why

Go to the bottom of the stairs and the lone chair waiting in the middle of the strange, dismal place.

Objective: Read the report that was left behind

Take a look at the personnel file on the table (260,425).

Tier 3

Objective: Leave Q&A via the elevator

Return to the elevator and leave, inputting the code as necessary to escape.

The personnel file was left for a reason.

Enter '9101', the code for Alexander Amanar, who is under internal investigation according to the personnel file.

Objective: Find the office of the agent under suspicion

Go through the Illuminati Offices. Take the second left down the hall from the elevator to the only open office (240,175).

Objective: Learn what you can from the agent's laptop

Look to the laptop on the desk (230,175) and access what data you can.

The laptop warns that using G.H.O.S.T. on a fellow employee workstation will have consequences.

Enter 'Y' and then follow the instructions to proceed. Enter the correct password to access the data.

There are some papers left on and around the desk.

The paper on the desk is a warning from Cassini about password security.

The paper on the ground is a veterinary clinic receipt.

The dog's name is Kirsten according to the invoice, and Cassini's message suggests that Alexander does not even use capitalization in his passwords.

Input 'kirsten' as the password for the laptop.

From there, take the option Re: Another delivery to learn what you can on the laptop.

Tier 4

Objective: Find the delivery truck and investigate it

Exit the Offices, which will take you directly to the Labyrinth. Head out to New York City and go to the delivery truck marked on the map (400,435). Jump into the back of the truck when ready.

Objective: Look for the agent

The truck heads to the clandestine destination. Search for the missing agent in the depths of the warehouse.

Proceed through the labyrinthine corridors of boxes. Dead ends as well as flashing forklifts will quickly direct toward the proper path.

Eventually, relics will come in to view, as well as a body amidst the smuggled goods. The agent is nothing but a corpse now (255,150).

Objective: Remove the spinal chip from the agent's corpse

All Illuminati agents have them. Take the murdered agent's chip.

Tier 5

Objective: Go back to the Illuminati Headquarters

"This is the Labyrinth speaking. Please report to Light Blue"
- The Labyrinth

As soon as the chip is retrieved, the Labyrinth calls and the lights in the warehouse go out. While it is possible to navigate in the dark, a headlamp will nonetheless come in handy.

The contents of the sarcophagi are alive, and mummies litter the path back. Either fight free or climb the boxes at the flashing forklift by the well to freedom.

Hopping to the next path from the forklift will result in facing far fewer mummies.

Once free of the maze, there is only one exit (340,190).

The exit leads back to New York City. Go to the Labyrinth.

Objective: Go to the server room

Navigate the Labyrinth and go to the server room, where Cassini awaits (225,295). A cutscene will trigger upon approaching the Sys Admin.

Objective: Report to Kirsten Geary

Return to Kirsten Geary's office (285,335) for the next assignment.

Tier 6

Objective: Travel to the Scorched Desert in Egypt through Agartha

Head to the Agartha and take the jump pad leading to the Egypt region (500,240) from the platform outside the Hollowed Halls. This will take you to the Egypt region portals.

The Scorched Desert awaits. Enter the portal (440,285).

Exit Agartha and step foot into a whole new world (530,125). Doing so will unlock the Egypt entrance to Agartha.

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