The Venetian Agenda

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In order to receive this mission, you must first complete the Transylvania storyline.

Tier 1

Objective: Travel to the Council of Venice Headquarters through Agartha

The Venice portal is located right next to the New York portal on the main platform (the one the Stationmaster is located at).

Once in Venice, enter the Sunken Library to trigger a cutscene with Arturo Castiglione.

Objective: Locate Arturo Castiglione's testing area

Proceed deeper into the Sunken Library to reach the console room. The location is marked on your minimap.

Objective: Use the console to initiate the simulation

Use the big console next to the Council agent.

Objective: Follow the ground lights to the testing chamber

There are four testing chambers. You may enter any of them. Just stand still on one of the platforms in any of the testing chambers.

Objective: Use the Play button to initialize the simulation

Interact with the Play button (F).

Objective: Proceed down the path and enter the arena

Go to the end of the branch. Once you jump down onto the big platform below, the scenario will begin. This is the point of no return.

Objective: Complete Arturo Castiglione's trial to earn the Council's Seal

The trial will consist of two waves of incoming enemies, as well as two minibosses and one final boss.

Wave 1

First of all, the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen (called Effigy X77 Flying Guardian in this scenario) will be flying above the platform and drop Filth bombs in random spots. Be sure to avoid those and the persistent ground effect they leave behind.

Filth-infected enemies will keep spawning and attack you. These new monsters will have lots of Area-of-Effect (AoE) attacks that are telegraphed on the ground. Be sure to avoid those. Active dodge (Shift + movement key.... OR double tap movement key) is your friend here.

Miniboss 1

The first one is a Filth Guardian. Defeating it is fairly straightforward. Just make sure to avoid its AoE attacks.

During this miniboss fight, Flappy will also do a column sweep attack in random spots on the platform. Being hit by this attack will send you flying. You cannot interrupt that attack in any way, but be sure to avoid it.

Wave 2

The second wave is pretty much the same as the first wave. More enemies.

Miniboss 2

The second miniboss is a Filth Colossus. It moves and attacks with the same behavious as all other hulks. Make sure to avoid the large AoE attack it casts on the ground.

Objective: Defeat the Effigy X77 Flying Guardian

Finally it is time to take down the trickster that has been teasing you since the beginning of the trial. The Effigy is completely immune to all kinds of Crowd Control and interruption.

The Effigy does have a few tricks up its sleeve. Avoid the fontral cone attack. Getting hit by it will send you flying backwards.

It will also cast an attack that spawns three narrow columns of Filth.

Lastly, the Effigy will occasionally also fly up into the air and do a big column attack.

With this in mind, keep fighting the Effigy until it dies. Afterwards, the virtual scenario will end automatically and you will be back in the Sunken Library.

Tier 2

Objective: Speak to Arturo Castiglione in his office

Go to Arturo's office, on the eastern side of the Sunken Library. It's marked on the map.

Tier 3

Objective: Return to your faction HQ

Approach your faction HQ, whether it be the Labyrinth in New York, the Temple Hall in London or the Dojo in Seoul. Mission complete!

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