Training Day

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New York Zurn's Lab (Received Automatically)

Tier 1

Objective: Exit Zurn's lab

Leave the strange facility using the only visible exit.

Objective: Go to the lobby

Continue on and go up the ramp in front of you to the large lobby.

Objective: Find and enter the Test Chamber

Head to the Test Chamber (200,360), which is marked on the minimap and press 'F' at the door to enter.

Tier 2

Objective: Make contact with the combat director

Approach Director De la Guardia in the middle of the Test Chamber.

"This is the company line. You will use it to maintain contact in the field, do you understand? That is all."
- Director De la Guardia

Tier 3

Objective: Pick up the phone

Take the phone as directed from the blue barrel.

"Initializing field performance module... DNA encoding recognized... Syncing... Sync complete. Field Performance Module Online"
- Field Performance Module; Phone

Objective: Pick up your primary weapon

Pick up the weapon in the case next to the Director. This weapon will be the first weapon of your starter class and the first weapon used during the tutorials.

Objective: Equip the weapon you picked up

Open your inventory and right-click the weapon to equip it.

Objective: Read the SMS

After equipping your primary weapon, you get a text.

"Hey there! I really hate to light a fire under your ass, but you'll need to hurry things along. Get everything you need from Director De La Guardia, then come see me right away. There's an urgent matter we need you to investigate, so make certain to upgrade your shit. We wouldn't want to lose you on your first day!"
- Kirsten Geary

Click on the SMS notification in the bottom left corner of your screen to bring it up. When finished, exit out of the text.

Objective: Take some discarded weapons from the crate

Go to the nearby crate and open it to receive 5 unused weapons of poor, Worn quality.

Objective: Press (Y) to open the Upgrade window

Press 'Y' to bring up the Upgrade Window interface. If you have not altered the default interface settings, this will also bring up the Inventory and Character Sheet.

Objective: Right-clicked your equippeed weapon to place it in the Target slot

Right-click your newly acquired weapon from your Character Sheet while the Upgrade Window is open to place it in the Upgrade Window.

Objective: Use the discarded weapons to upgrade your primary weapon to level 4.

Right-click all 5 of the discarded weapons while the Upgrade Window is open. This will fill all of the Empowerment Slots. When all of the discarded weapons have been placed in the Empowerment Slots, press Assemble.

Doing so will give your weapon enough experience for it to reach level 4.


Note: The following Objectives return the mission to a new portion of Tier 2 at the time this guide was produced.

!Objective: Equip your primary weapon

Re-equip your primary weapon after having upgraded it.

!Objective: Pick up your secondary weapon

Open the second case holding. Contained within is the other weapon of your Starter Class.

!Objective: Take the remaining discarded items. They can be used to further upgrade your weapons.

Take yet again more discarded items: 4 worn weapons. These ones can be used to upgrade either weapon should you desire to do so. It is not necessary to do anything with them.

!Objective: Equip your green weapons when you are ready to leave

Equip the second weapon when you wish to leave the training room.

Tier 3

Objective: Exit the Test Chamber, and go meet your primary contact

Leave the Test Chamber and make your way to Kirsten Geary's office (280,335).

Tier 4

Objective: Find the corridor that leads deep into the warehouse

Leave Kirsten Geary's office. At the bottom of the ramp, turn right to find a very winding corridor flanked by Illuminati (290,375).

Objective: Follow the corridor into the warehouse

Press onward to the end of the long tunnel.

Objective: Find the Agartha entrance

From within the warehouse, traverse the box-filled maze to the small office and vending machines, which have an unusually green storage room to the side (365,330).

Tier 5

Objective: Enter Agartha

Approach the ethereal entryway leading to the World Tree itself.

A cutscene will play upon loading into Agartha for the first time.

Tier 6

Objective: Step onto the Agartha Pad

Take a step on the device in the midst of the platform before you (505,385) for a leap of faith.

Doing so will bounce you to another section of Agartha.

Objective: Investigate the inside of the Great Tree

Head inside the Hallowed Halls of the World Tree to its very center (570,180).

Objective: Locate the New England Agartha Pad

Head out from whence you came to the Agartha Platform outside the Tree. Numerous pads line its edges. The New England pad is the first pad closest to the glowing golden gentleman (505, 200).

Objective: Ride the New England pad

Hop on the pad as with before.

Objective: Find and enter the portal to Kingsmouth Town

Approaching a portal displays a pop-up with the location each portal leads to.

The portal for Kingsmouth can be found on the very left from the direction faced when deposited on the platform by an Agartha Pad (425,140).

Welcome to Kingsmouth Town, Illuminatus.

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