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Objective: Search Arturo’s Office for anything suspicious

There are lots of places to look, but first you might want to consider a side mission:

A side mission, Spy Games, is available for pick up in Arturo’s office by interacting with the book on the lowest shelf.

Consult the hints and solution below If you need any help to figure this part out.

A plaque on one of the paintings will tell you where to look.

The hint on the plaque is to be taken literally. Interact with Venice on the globe and all will be revealed!


Objective: Access the secret passage behind the painting

The painting near the globe slided to the side and revealed a hidden corridor. Go inside that corridor to continue.

Objective: Pursue the spy

Once inside, a cutscene will trigger. Lidiya will make the laser defence system come online. You should turn off sprint as running and jumping at the same time can send you flying into one of the lasers, so it’s best to take this slow.

Cataphile Achievement
What you need to do in order to manage this is to constantly be on the run. There is no time to do the side mission in the sewers, no time to pick up lore pieces and no time to fight enemies. Just run past everything. To get past the turrets in the southern and eastern sewer corridors, you can use the chaos ability Immutable, which prevents you from being killed.

As you get past all the lasers and make your way to the bigger sewer corridor ahead, another brief cutscene triggers. Jump down into the bigger sewer corridor and make your way to the right. At the end, you will find a ladder.

A side mission, Treachery in Purple, can be picked up not too far from the ladder mentioned above.

It is a bit hard to explain where to go in here, but be sure to keep an eye on the minimap in each of the images to get a better idea of where to go.

Having climbed the ladder, once you’re on top of the platform, a sniper will come out of a door and start targeting you. You cannot kill this sniper, but you will have to break line of sight or dodge before the timer above your ahead expires. Otherwise you will be ensnared for a few seconds and get hurt.

Just continue making your way in the opposite direction. You will come to a dangerous location where a turret on the other side of the corridor is shooting at. The key element here is to time your movement correctly. The area behind the big pipelines are safe, so get to those when the coast is clear.

When you get to a gap, you will have to climb the pipelines as shown in the image below to get across to the other side.

Make your way around to the opposite side of the corridor and get across another gap using another set of piplines.

You can destroy the turret if you want, but it’s not necessary here. You will also be targeted by another sniper, so make sure to either break line of sight or dodge. This sniper can be killed, unlike the previous one.

At the end of the platform, you will find a gate key and a gate control pad. You actually only need to make use of one of them, not both, but it does not matter. I picked the key and opened the small gate below instead of opening the big gate.

The reason for this is because the gate should be closer for later if you want to have a chance at getting the lore on the other side.

Once in the souther sewer corridor, go up the ramp shown in the image below.

Get to the other side, past enemies too, and go up another ramp to get to the platform above. Make sure not to fall down, especially avoid falling into the burning oil in the water as that will kill you in a couple of seconds.

If you take a left and cross over to the other side of the corridor, you will find a lore piece, as shown in the image below.

You can also jump down onto the platform below and access the lore that was mentioned earlier, being on a small platform on the other side of the large gate. Simply walk across the top of the closed gate.

Back to where we were! Now instead of going left, head straight forward. You will spot two turrets ahead. You must go straight forward, but time your movement carefully.

Destroy the turret so that you can get to the other turret without dying, then destroy that turret as well to clear the path ahead. Destroying these turrets is not optional. If you don’t do it at this point, you will have to go back and do it.

Go back past the first turrent you destroyed and jump down onto a lower platform where the one you’re standing on is cut off.

Head west, all the way to the other side and use the ladder to climp to the platform above.

Again, use the pipelines to get past the gap and reach the platform ahead.

Continue making your way east along the platform. At some point, a sniper will target you, but as you get closer to him, he will run off and send another soldier on you.

Approach the area with the door that the sniper guy went through. There will be a gate control keypad there, but you don’t really need to use that one as the smaller gate below is already open. In fact, you should leave the big gate closed to reach the lore piece that is located on top of it.

Once past the gate, you can climb the platform on the right and walk across the big gate to get to the lore piece on top of it. Refer to the image below.

Make your way towards the northern part of this sewer corridor. At the end, you will see a locked gate. You will need to find the key for this gate.

Head towards the south of the corridor, on the eastern side. At the very end there should be a ladder that will take you to the platform above.

You will need to take out the turret highlighted with a circle in the image below as the path on the left side is blocked by it. There is a sniper far north that will keep targeting you, and he is much faster at doing it, so be quick at breaking the line of sight or dodging.

Once the turret has been destroyed, you can approach the sniper by going along the platform on the other side. Kill the veteran phoenician soldier.

The phoenician guy will drop the gate key when defeated. Pick it up and go back to the gate.

Interact with the gate to open it. As you head forwards, cutscene will triggers.

Objective: Pick up the dropped letter

The letter can be a bit hard to notice, but it’s white coloured and it’s close to the stairs leading down to the water.

Objective: Confront Arturo

Time to get out of the Venetian sewers and back into Arturo’s office. You can use the nearby door to get ported back to the beginning of the sewers. This will also allow you to access an otherwise inaccessible lore piece.

Remember to pick up the lore piece on the other side of the door.

Head back into Arturo’s office to have a little chat with him.


Objective: Reach the Agarthan transport to the Tokyo branch

The time has come! Leave Venice and go to Agartha. Once in Agartha, use the jumppad to reach the other main platform, then step onto the Tokyo jumppad that will take you to the Tokyo branch.

Objective: Travel to Tokyo

Once you have reached the Tokyo branch, approach the portal leading to Kaidan. Before you enter it, a cutscene will be triggered and you will be sucked into the portal.

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