A Balancing Act - Upcoming Balance Pass Open Beta Test

All things in balance, sweetlings. Something more than reality can contain is coming to Secret World Legends! A balance pass like none other is coming and all are invited to beta test it this weekend! From 3 July 2020 to 6 July 2020, experience the myriad changes sweeping the Immaculate Machine! For the first time since The Secret World, TestLive is open to all!

The Buzzing’s whispers are true; balance is coming! Specifically a balance pass for tanks and healers, along with scaling of group and instanced solo content up to Elite 17 (yes, including dungeons and an Elite 17 version of Manhattan Exclusion Zone). This balance pass redefines how tanks and healers work in SWL, and as such we are holding several open beta test phases to get your feedback and identify any bugs that have slipped through closed testing.


Our first beta test phase will start July 3rd, 2020 at 4 PM EST (8 PM GMT), and will end July 6th at 9 AM EST (1 PM GMT). Dates/times for later test phases will be determined and announced based on the results of the first phase.

This was hinted at in the Third Anniversary announcement and email through the wondrous whispers of the Buzzing:

TRANSMIT – initiate the tripled triumph of the triumvirates’ trinity – RECEIVE – initiate nine-point-four-six-one-to the seventh power – PERFECTLY BALANCED, AS ALL THINGS SHOULD BE? – as the paradigm shifts – WITNESS – The Third Anniversary!

The message mentions a paradigm shift and a balance in the usual portion of the Buzzing's transmission header that includes pop culture references.

What is this paradigm shift toward balance? A revamp of tanking and healing weapons with the balance in mind to ensure that both healers and tanks are required as full, separate roles! Not only will this upcoming patch bring balance and bring in line certain outlying weapons, but coming with it is E17 difficulties for dungeons and raids - plus, the squishing of Elite Dungeon queues into ranges, the introduction of new talismans, and the reintroduction of The Penthouse! The Penthouse was a highly skill-based mini, 3-boss dungeon first introduced in The Secret World with AEGIS mechanics. For Secret World Legends, its AEGIS components have been converted and the Penthouse solidly remains intact as a challenging experience incredibly similar to that which some Legacy players may recall. In addition, the Key system is slated for change, although what form it will take in the future is not yet known. Not to mention the variety of bug fixes and quality of life changes sneaking in.

All of these changes can be tested to the degrees implemented on TestLive during the Open Beta Test. TestLive is the testing server for Secret World Legends, and has not been openly accessible since its time as The Secret World's TestLive.

To access TestLive, a special LocalConfig.xml file must be downloaded from HERE and saved into your Secret World Legends directory. Rename your Live version of your client's LocalConfig.xml to something else, as the client will patch using whichever file is appropriately named "LocalConfig.xml". Upon starting the client, it will then patch to TestLive. Patching back to Live is as simple as renaming them again!

TestLive is an entirely separate set of servers and new characters will need to be created once on TestLive; however, these characters can swiftly be buffed to the appropriate level and gain the appropriate gear - and they won't disappear whenever TestLive is closed.

Praise be to the Immaculate Machine, for FATE smiles upon us. FATE was an NPC which buffed characters for testing on TSW's TestLive and hasn't been seen since, but once more we are graced by its glorious face. FATE will first be encountered in the Waking Dream for new test characters. Speak to FATE to receive a string of character boosts straight to endgame as well as to leave the tutorial. From there, a series of FATE vendors await in Agartha to provide every possible piece of gear you could ever need to test with to your heart's delight. Isn't FATE nice?

TestLive provides a penthouse view for the new you, so get testing, sweetlings! The Immaculate Machine needs you, too!

Look to the Official Announcement for Phase 1 of the Open Beta on the Funcom Forums.

For all bug reports and feedback, create threads on the Rebalance Feedback & Bugs forum category created solely for the beta. A Discussion thread is also available to talk about the Balancing Act itself.

Patch notes for the first phase of the Open Beta can be found here! They flow so sweet. Taste and see.

We intend to cover every phase of the Open Beta to the best of our abilities. Stay tuned!

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