August Downtime Compensation - Keys for all!

To compensate for the unexpected extended downtime lasting a majority of Wednesday, August 7 2019 following the patch to convert Buzzing Hives to Expired Buzzing Hives, Funcom has granted everyone two free Cache Keys!

Not only that, but a No Limits Weekend Event has been enabled! Make use of it while you can - that event is particularly rare!

Hey everyone! As an apology and compensation for yesterday's authentication and connectivity issues, we're granting 2 Cache Keys to everyone. You have until the end of Monday UTC to claim this.

Additionally, Catalysts and Imbuers are 50% off and Ability/Skill Points are 30% off through Monday. Lastly, we're prepping No Limits (Free Dungeon/Scenario/Lair Key) Weekend scheduled to begin now and ending Tuesday (Aug 13) morning EDT

The free Cache Keys can be claimed from the /delivereditems window for every character up until a time given as the end of Monday (August 12 2019) in the UTC time zone. This likely refers to 11:59 PM UTC, and as such, be sure to grab your cache keys before that point. If you don't, they will no longer be available in your delivered items!

In a No Limits Event, you can open as many scenario, dungeon, and lair or regional reward chests as you want without running out of keys, because there's no limit! Use the opportunity to farm your favorite content without worry of having to spend a single thing to open any additional chests! Use the time wisely, however, as the event is only running from August 8 2019 to August 13 2019 at 9 AM EDT!

To top it all off, Catalysts and Imbuers are on sale for 50% off and AP/SP are also on sale for 30% off through the event, perfect for all the extra fusions and content you may be doing during the No Limits Event!

Get out there sweetlings and play!

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