Balance Pass Open Beta Phase 2

The next Open Beta phase to the upcoming balance pass has been announced! Open Beta Phase 2 is scheduled to begin at noon EDT on July 17th and end 9 AM EDT on July 20th with TestLive access open to all players for the duration of the beta test. Are you ready to help make the Secret World a better place, sweetling? If so, come test!

UPDATE: The Balance Pass Open Beta Phase 2 has been extended for 2 weeks while Funcom employees take a much-needed vacation. Now ending on August 3rd, there's more time than ever to gather data, test the new changes, and provide feedback!

Howdy everyone!

We are planning a second open beta weekend starting at Noon EST / 4 PM GMT Friday July 17th and ending 9 AM / 1 PM GMT Monday July 20th.

Update notes will be posted when we get closer to the weekend.

I look forward to seeing you there!


As with Phase 1, Open Beta Phase 2 of the Balance Pass includes numerous bugfixes, adjustments, tuning, and changes that can be experienced by logging into TestLive during the open beta phase.

Of the many changes, a few particular new things to note from Phase 2 include: Significant changes to how Blade's speciality works and removal of the need to slot an ability simply to use Spirit Blade at all, Elementalism improvements aimed at Overheating that help avoid situations where players are potentially entirely locked out of action, buffs to the Warding and Destruction Weapon Affixes, and the return of Marks!

Marks are special items capable of marking an enemy with a Faction tag floating over their head - all the better to identify specific foes to fight! Marks were present in The Secret World but had never been seen in Secret World Legends until now, making them another thing the balance pass is porting over in addition to The Penthouse.

Make your way to TestLive, find FATE, and get testing, sweetlings!

Check out the Official Announcement of Open Beta Phase 2 and be sure to read the Patch Notes closely, for they flow so sweet.

Don't forget that any bugs found or any feedback you have regarding the open beta should be posted on the Rebalance Feedback & Bugs section of the Secret World Legends forums.

We intend to cover every phase of the Open Beta to the best of our abilities. Stay tuned!

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