Secret World Legends Love on Gaia Writing Contest

Love is an ineffably powerful force of the Immaculate Machine: the beloved and loving Gaia. Love flourishes in even the Dark Days. Cherish Gaia and those on Her while contemplating the power of love in all shapes and sizes – its many feelings and forms - by writing a short story of love!

The Secret World Legends Love on Gaia Writing Contest runs from 20 March 2023 at 21:24:00 UTC (5:24:00 PM EDT) through 22 April 2023 at 23:59:59 UTC (7:59:59 PM EDT).

Spread love found in Secret World Legends by and for Gaia and all those She cherishes! Love - beautiful, varied, real - in many forms. Show some Secret World Legends love in the form of a short story for the Secret World Legends Love on Gaia Writing Contest!

To enter the contest, craft a story centered around the sweet subject of love as found in the setting of the Secret World experienced by Non-Player Characters or Player Characters using a minimum of 500 words and then post it in the Secret World Legends Funcom Forums Horned God category according to all criteria outlined in the Secret World Legends Love on Gaia Writing Contest.

There are four categories of love that a Love on Gaia story can be entered into: Agápē, Eros, Philia, and Storge. Agápē encompasses Unconditional or Selfless Love, Eros encompasses Passionate Love, Philia encompasses Friendship Love, and Storge encompasses Familiar Love.

Love comes in many forms and encompasses far more than romance. Whether it is Gaia’s love of her sweetlings, love between those living on Earth and the various Dimensions, or love of something immaterial, love is love. Love exists between friends, neighbors, family, concepts, ideas, foes, and all those that exist. Cherish it!

Everyone who participates by submitting a qualifying story will receive an entirely brand-new in-game Title, "the Romantic", to display on their nametag in honor of their knowledge of love! Alongside a new title, participants get to take home the ever-adorable and all-too precious bird of the "Kawaii Revenant t-shirt" in what is only the third time this t-shirt has ever been made available.

Runners-Up additionally receive the "Heart Pajamas, purple" award item that in turn grants both the "Heart Pajamas, purple" and "Hooded Heart pajamas, purple" clothing items. Winners also receive "Special Agent Dossier: Jack Boone" and the pretty pastel and cute coveted "Cat ears headset, pink" that has so far only been given away once in 2017!

The Grand-Prize Winner receives everything mentioned above as well as one piece of digital art drawn by fellow player Maru-Maru that depicts a scene from the grand prize Love on Gaia story! For those curious about Maru-Maru's lovely talents, check out their Funcom Forum thread, Maru-Maru's Art!

Let the love flow so sweet and write!

WITNESS - the Secret World Legends Love on Gaia Writing Contest on the Secret World Legends Funcom Forums!

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