ARG: The Cyrano Story

Something stirs in the stars. What speaks in space, sweetlings?

Start your journey in the abyss of horror....

The Cyrano Story is a haunting Alternate Reality Game utilizing Google AI and set firmly in the Secret World Universe as a lead up to Moons of Madness. Created by Alice & Smith in collaboration with Funcom, it tells a tale regarding the ship known as The Cyrano through interactive investigation. Alice & Smith were also responsible for some of the previous The Secret World ARGs, such as the 2012 End of Days!

Joshua Doetsch, famed Scrivnomancer who has written for The Secret World and Secret World Legends, chipped in to add his delicious words to the Cyrano Story!

Not only does the Cyrano Story have words that pluck at the mortal minds that enjoy them, but it also has rewards! Every Seal, for a total of 6 Seals, has the chance to give a Steam Key to one of 5 games, some of which are set in the main Secret World universe (The Park and Moons of Madness), and while others are part of an alternate timeline within the Secret World Universe (The Black Watchmen, Nite Team 4, and Ahnayro). The alternate timeline is one where the bomb in Kaidan never went off so Gaia never prepared a new swarm of her Bees in 2012.

These Steam Keys will only be awarded if you log into the Cyrano Story website with your Steam account.

Complete all 6 Seals and you have the opportunity to enter a raffle to win a trip for 2 to a Level 9 VIP Tour of the Houston Space Center and lunch with an Astronaut!!! Who doesn't love SPACE?

Begin your descent into madness in the Cyrano Story today!

Feast your eyes upon the Funcom press release for the Cyrano Story!

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