The Whispering Tide

The scales have tipped.

The Filth has entered Agartha, threatening the World Tree itself. Shadows the size of planets gaze upon us and prepare their winged harbingers for invasion. Darkness is upon us; The Whispering Tide has arrived.

Following the latest events from the Main Story, the portal to Tokyo is overflowing with Filth, blocking access and heralding an unkindness of Birds of the Zero-Point Pathogen into Agartha. You, the agents of Gaia, are the only ones that can stem the tide.

The Whispering Tide has begun! Filth seeps through the depths of Agartha, defiling the Immaculate Machine.

Claim unique daily rewards and fight the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen itself from 1 August 2017 through 15 August 2017 as the bees swarm to protect the World Tree! Don't forget to visit Agartha on the final day for the grand finale as the Cleansing Protocols commense!

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