Unofficial Legends of the Secret World Book Series Expands to Sixth Book

The lore and legends of the Secret World never cease to amaze and inspire.

When we last wrote about author Amber McKee - otherwise known as Wedd - and her wonderful words, there were only three books within the Unofficial Legends of the Secret World. This licensed non-canonical series chronicles members of the three biggest Secret Societies: The Templars, the Illuminati, and the Dragon. The vast majority of the series focuses on the Templar track with Blodwedd "Wedd" Mallory and her journey as an agent of the ancient Templars while finding herself newly Chosen by Gaia and thrust into the tangled web of Secret Societies and the supernatural.

Now with the release of the sixth book: A Grim, Odd Arcane Sky on 17 June 2021, there are six books and a novella in the series! A Grim, Odd Arcane Sky is a bigger book than those earlier in the series, and has more pages and small print to accomodate all of the words written within! Not only that, but this newest novel touches on some of our favorite missions in the entirety of Solomon Island.

While these tales aren't canonical, they strive to stay within the setting and are still worth checking out for any bee eager for more in the Secret World. Maybe they will inspire other sweetlings to transmit their stories to the hive?

Novella: The Black House

On a dare from Danny Dufresne, a member of the League of Monster Slayers, Innsmouth Academy students Carter and Wedd decide to investigate a haunting. Inside the mysterious, burned-out shell called the Black House, Wedd must confront her fears, figure out why an unquiet spirit still haunts the wreckage, and escape the ghost’s attempts to recreate the scene of her own demise.

Book 4: Into the Inferno

When Dragon Agent Renee Hadad Laveau stumbles upon signs that hell has burst into reality, Seoul sends him in to investigate. Will he be able to follow in the footsteps of a mad magician to track down what’s powering the rift before he succumbs to demon magic himself?

Book 5: Hard Cleft

Having confronted the cosmic evil and discovered the cause of the zombie outbreak in Kingsmouth, Wedd is ready to get back on the trail of the glowing sword recovered by the Lady Margaret, which has since disappeared. But, with her mother still missing, the Filth infection spreading, and tensions between the factions at an all-time high, she may be facing more bad news than she can bear.

Book 6: A Grim, Odd Arcane Sky

Wedd and her partner Sev, hot on the heels of Tyler Freeborn, return to the Blue Mountain region of Solomon Island. Fearful that signs of a looming apocalyptic event are related to the end of the Mayan calendar, the Illuminati also send a team to the island, led by Wedd’s former best friend Gypcie McCullough. It’s a race against time and each other to see which faction gets answers first. Will they be able to save the remaining lives on the small Maine island and possibly the world?

All six books are currently available for Kindle eBook and in Paperback on Amazon, with Books 1 - 5, the Templar Omnibus Volume 1 which contains the first three books in the series, and the novella all also available through Kindle Unlimited. The novella is the only Unofficial Legend of the Secret World to not be available in paperback form, but you can get a free digital copy for signing up Wedd's mailing list on her website.

Why not take a taste of the Unofficial Legends and see if it flows so sweet for you, sweetlings?

Be sure to check out Wedd's website if you're curious about the Unofficial Legends of the Secret World!

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