Update 2.3.5 - Vernal Equinox 2020

The equinox is here once again, and with it come the Envoys of Avalon! From 17 March 2020 to 31 March 2020, the Envoys of Avalon can be found throughout Agartha. Their main representative, Fearghas Abernathy, stands tall by the Seed of Life within the Hollowed Halls of the World Tree (565,190) and seeks those who can help the Druids of Avalon prepare for occult catastrophe.

Take a peek, sweetlings - even the ancient Druids have something new for you this vernal equinox!

The Envoys of Avalon return to Agartha, seeking your aid in tuning the Stonehenge Occult Defense training module. They offer new rewards this year, ranging from daily login items (including a new free Agent) to a tantalizing outfit: The Attire of Avalon! This event-exclusive outfit is a free reward if you complete 100 waves of Occult Defence.

Even if you don’t quite hit 100 waves, don’t worry! The outfit becomes available for purchase from the Quartermaster for a limited time after the Equinox event ends. The price of the outfit scales based on how many waves you completed! The closer you were to 100 waves, the less the outfit costs.

Additionally, Druid of Avalon agent boosters are 50% off during this event!

The 2020 Vernal Equinox edition of the Envoys of Avalon brings with it an entirely new Agent, Diviciacus, as a Daily Login Reward, as well as new Titles to gain and achievements to earn. The Druids have even brought with them a whole new fabulous four-piece clothing set: the Attire of Avalon! The Attire of Avalon can be earned through the Envoys of Avalon achievement, "The Once and Far Future King" for completing 100 waves of Occult Defence Scenarios during the event.

Should you not be able to complete 100 waves within the two-week period, don't fret! The Attire of Avalon can additionally be purchased from the Envoy of Avalon Quartermaster near Fearghas Abernathy and she will be available to sell it for a limited time even after the other druids have returned to their hidden island. The base price from the Quartermaster is 3600 Aurum, but every Occult Defence wave completed during the event reduces the price by 36 Aurum.

Not only are the Druids out and about and encouraging scenarios for the equinox, but so are their Agents, too! During the Envoys of Avalon event, all Druids of Avalon Agent Boosters are 50% off!

The Envoys aren't the only thing to come alongside Update 2.3.5. A plethora of welcome quality of life and bug fixes have wormed their way in!

An additional 10 Inventory Expansions can now be purchased for a total of 50 more Inventory slots, bringing the new total possible maximum inventory size to 135! Not only can you expand your Inventory even farther, but you can now go beyond the first page of your Personal Bank! 7 more Bank Expansions can be purchased, allowing full use of the second Bank page! No longer will those page arrows do nothing! Be free from the stress of your inventories.

A new UI option has been added that allows you to see champions you've already defeated on the map. It is accessible in the Interface > HUD options and shows defeated champion enemies with a gray skull when enabled.

For those who enjoy the Agent Network, the cost of expediting Agent Missions has been reduced. They no longer uses Aurum and can instead be purchased with Marks of Favour.

Numerous bug and balance fixes have been implemented surrounding Dark Agartha and its achievements and modules. Wistful Flame, a module added with Update 2.3.4, is now able to roll as a possible module in Dark Agartha. Previously, it was bugged and no player had encountered it in Live play.

The Damaged Gatekeeper's Static Cling module now appropriately works with Signet of Contortion without making the Static Cling criteria of Dark Agartha Achievement, "The Resurrection Protocol" impossible. Consequently, it should now be possible to complete while using the Signet of Contortion.

And to top it all off, various boss abilities within Dark Agartha are no longer cast while Toxic Spores is active. Conversely, activation of Toxic Spores is delayed until certain boss abilities are no longer active or are nearing expiration. This will make encounters with Toxic Spores and multiple boss ability modules far easier to navigate.

The official announcement for the 2020 Vernal Equinox edition of the Envoys of Avalon can be found here for the official website and here for the official forums! Check out the official patch notes for Update 2.3.5 right here! They can alternately be viewed here as well!

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