Update 2.4 - Dungeon and Raid Rebalance: Balance Pass Live!

[PLACEHOLDER. This post is not ready to go Live. Taste the honeyed dream if you see, sweetlings.]

It’s heeeere! The massive dungeon and raid rebalance now live! This is one of the biggest updates for Secret World Legends EVER, and we sincerely appreciate all the feedback and help everyone provided during testing!

If this is all new to you, hey, no worries – just keep on reading. We’ll do our best to summarize the key points for the update, although you’ll still want to wade through the colossal patch notes for full details on what to expect. There’s nearly 9,000 words of changes, so…well, you might be reading for a little while.

Let’s dive in!


[The Hessian Dossier] https://www.tswdb.com/agent-network/dossiers/the-hessian/

[The Toad Bros. Dossier] https://www.tswdb.com/agent-network/dossiers/the-toad-brothers/

[Rogue Coder Dossier] https://www.tswdb.com/agent-network/dossiers/rogue-coder/

The three Agent Dossiers above are new and to be linked in this article! The news posts below are to be linked as well. Citation is important!

https://www.secretworldlegends.com/2020/09/29/dungeon-and-raid-rebalance/ ANNOUNCEMENT, WEBSITE

https://forums.funcom.com/t/dungeon-and-raids-rebalance-september-29/139820 ANNOUNCEMENT, FORUMS

https://www.secretworldlegends.com/2020/10/01/dungeon-and-raid-rebalance-patch-notes/ PATCH NOTES, WEBSITE

https://forums.funcom.com/t/dungeon-and-raids-rebalance-full-patch-notes/139814 PATCH NOTES, FORUMS

We're updating our Build Section still, but we hope to have it available soon after the Balance Pass goes Live!

The Ultimate Beginner Guide will be up-to-date soon and we have many other additions coming to TSWDB over the next week!

[PH Note of New Stuff or Changes to Note] Shifters exist! Fixed Extra Heavy Metal bracers' texture for male characters so that it is once more gold. There's hidden cosmetic loot in MEZ: Military backpack in Illuminati, Templar, and Dragon colors, plus the Carapace of the Immaculate Machine in black. The former is entirely new, and the latter was teased briefly in the background of promotional material for the Manufactory dungeons for The Secret World's Issue 12, but was never before made available. Rejoice!

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