Winter Holidays 2020 Extension and Reward Compensation

UPDATE: The compensation has since been officially posted to the Funcom Forums. A link to the announcement has been added to this article.

To compensate for a glitch in the seasonal Daily Login Rewards that prevented players from picking up their rewards from January 1st to January 4th 2021, Funcom has extended the Winter Holidays to run through January 8th and end January 9th around 9 AM EST. As part of the compensation, all players also receive their missing event rewards and Malevolent Snowflakes, which can be found in Delivered Items as accessible through the main menu or through the /delivereditems command.

Hello, we are aware that the Krampusnacht login rewards terminated early and are investigating our options. We are also aware there's a lot of talk of a wonky "workaround", which we technically can't officially endorse, but we don't think it'll cause problems. Sorry for the trouble :(

. . .

We've figured out what we're gonna do about the event breaking over the year change. Here's what's gonna happen . . ..

When the clock struck twelve and the year changed from 2020 to 2021, the Seasonal Daily Login Rewards disappeared from claimable view and seemingly terminated prematurely. They were still running, but due to a glitch in how the rewards were displayed, were not visible without effectively enacting an ill-advised method that would normally be considered exploitive in games where it is utilized.

To make up for the inability to claim event rewards, the 4 days' worth of seasonal daily login rewards that each player individually left off on when the bug struck have been granted and can be found in Delivered Items (/delivereditems) alongside 4 Malevolent Snowflakes.

Each Malevolent Snowflake must be claimed one at a time in Delivered Items and expire from claim in 13 days - they must be claimed before 18 January 2021!

As for the Winter Holidays 2020 Surprise Seasonal Sale accompanying the Winter Holidays, items such as Ability and Skill points, Catalysts, and Imbuers that were part of the sale will remain 35% off during the event's extension. Andy Benditt is keeping his eye on them to make sure the sale behaves!

All the while, the Winter Holidays have been extended to the 9th to give more days to open those snowflakes and delight in Yuletide!

See here for the official announcement of the compensation!

Fear not the frost and make the most of the extension! All information on the Winter Holidays can be found on our up-to-date Winter Holidays Event Guide!

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