The Horror in Fungus

The Horror in Fungus is the third and final mission in the "Observing the Impossible" Agent Mission Chain within the Conquistador story, eighth in the ♦️4 portion, and eighteenth overall in the storyline. The previous mission is Spores from Beyond and the following mission is Into Dark Agartha, which serves as the beginning to the ♦️5 "Once More Unto the Void" Agent Mission Chain in the Conquistador storyline.

This mission cannot be run by the Agent Jerónimo de Montejo.

The Conquistador
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The Horror in Fungus

Difficulty: ♦️4

It has been confirmed that the fungi brought back by Jerónimo de Montejo contains no anima. That should not be possible. Things get stranger. A lab tech on the third shift claimed that the fungi samples whispered to him. That same tech was found dead in the restroom, apparent suicide, shortly after 3 a.m.

We need to know more. Send your most convincing agent to motivate Jerónimo de Montejo to come clean and discuss what it is he found and where.

Mission Requirements


△ Prowess 0
◻ Adaptability 0
❍ Ingenuity 200


Intel 0
Supplies 0
Assets 8


Time 00:15:00

Potential Rewards

Item Rewards

Glyph Distillate (440cc) Requires Successful or Outstanding Results
Glyph Distillate (440cc) Requires Outstanding Results

Resource Rewards

Intel 6
Supplies 0
Assets 0
XP 400

Bonus Objective

Bonus Requirements


Bonus Rewards

Glyph Distillate (220cc)

Mission Results Text


Jerónimo refuses to even speak of what he found. Next time, use a more charismatic agent.


Jerónimo has reluctantly agreed to again explore the darkness beyond the portal.

Outstanding Results

Jerónimo has reluctantly agreed to again explore the darkness beyond the portal.
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