The Druids of Avalon

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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

TRANSMIT - initiate the Cathbad cadence - RECEIVE - initiate the oral histories - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TRUE TALE. TRUTH HAS MANY FACES AND THE TRUTH IS LIKE TO THE OLD ROAD TO AVALON - illumine the Isle of Apples - WITNESS - The Druids of Avalon.

Look, sweetling. Look a few thousand years south of you, and look just a little further. Look and see, and we will stretch the time.

Two Celtic armies march on one another. The war drums sound the heartbeat of inevitability. The chieftains smile viciously - they have waited years to settle old scores. There will be battle. There will be carnage. Even the earth is parched for the wine of slaughter.

But what is this? Between the two marching armies, a single, robed man stands. This gnarled man raises a gnarled staff and brings it down upon a stone with a crack. The war drums cease. The bards' battle songs cut short. The chieftains sheath their blades in their scabbards and sheath their death-leer teeth behind their lips. And everyone goes home. And there is no war. For the man with the gnarled staff is a druid, and that is the kind of respect his people garner.

In times you mayfly apes would consider ancient, the druids served as high ranking professionals among the Celts - as hierophants, advisors, physicians, and legal adjucators. They were also keepers of lore, though their laws forbid committing these secrets to writing. it takes twenty of your years to memorize all the verses of their knowledge in oral form. Not one word of it has made it to your modern printing presses, not even in translation.

So too were they workers of the supernal arts. Sometimes these were fueled with blood sacrifice, sometimes human, often criminal. Wave to the wicker man! Drowned sacrifices to Teutates, hanged sacrifices to Esus, and sacrifices by fire to Taranis - the threefold death!

Fast forward. The now. Or at least your now, sweetling. The Druids of Avalon live on as a faction of the Secret World. Perhaps they are not as large an organization as, say, the Templars, lacking a global level of influence, but they've carved out a place for themselves in the Council of Venice. They are making moves, entering the spotlight. This is a point of contention among an organization that is secretive even among the very secretive. Their leadership is arguing about it right now. Their need must be desperate. 

At the time of each equinox, you might find a representative of the druids in Agartha. Their fortress, however, lies on Avalon, an island that is cloaked from detection, both supernatural and mundane, by powerful magic. There a dead king sleeps. There the druids hold court with fae, immortals, and beings from the Otherworld.

If one believes such things.

The Druids of Avalon #1 Details 530,210 Agartha

Agartha 530,210

In the entrance to the Hollowed Halls.

Legend image

The Druids of Avalon #2 Details 565,190 Agartha

Agartha 565,190

In front of Fearghas Abernathy and an Envoy of Avalon by the Seed of Life in the Hollowed Halls of Agartha.

Legend image

The Druids of Avalon #3 Details 605,185 Agartha

Agartha 605,185

On a pile of crates on the upper level of the Hollowed Halls of Agartha.

Legend image

The Druids of Avalon #4 Details 230,320 Venice

Venice 230,320

Inside a simulation room in the Sunken Library,

Legend image

The Druids of Avalon #5 Details Instanced Agartha

Agartha Instanced

Acquired by reading the Council of Venice SD Card rewarded for completing The Equinox for Fearghas Abernathy. Requires Mission: The Equinox

The Druids of Avalon #6 Details 170,290 London

London 170,290

Next to John Galahad and Callie James on the Camelot Stage in Ealdwic Park.

Legend image

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