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The Blue Mountain Marianne Chen (890,695)
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Tier 1

Objective: Get past the Orochi perimeter without being detected

Go to the Orochi Camp (725,860). Swarming the camp are Compromissed Orochi, Orochi agents who have become infected with the Filth. Engaging one will not impact whether or not you are detected, as they are no longer properly functioning members of the Orochi Group.

Perimeter Support Drones patrol the Orochi Camp and its outskirts. If caught within their scan's range, you will be detected by the Orochi and hauled off to be deposited in a cargo container across the road (705,890).

Corporate Espionage Action
Approaching the Orochi Camp will enable the Corporate Espionage Action achievement buff. Corporate Espionage Action requires that you complete "The Orochi Group" without being seen. This means you must take caution to avoid alerting or being seen by and and all Orochi drones and personnel.

Successfully approach the Orochi Camp.

Tier 2

Objective: Find a way into the Orochi Camp without being detected

Unfortunately, the gate requires a keycode, so you cannot simply waltz in. You have two options for breaching the Orochi Camp:

Orochi Option 1: Going Through the Front Gate

An open Orochi Van sits abandoned in front of the Orochi Camp. Avoid the Perimeter Support Drones and enter the back of the truck (695,845).

An Orochi Corpse is being feasted upon by a Compromised Orochi agent, but defeating the Compromised Orochi in the way will not hinder any efforts to remain unseen.

Examine the Orochi Corpse to find a sheet of paper containing the passcode for the gate as of the last rotation. Considering the state of the Orochi Camp, there is little chance of it having changed since.

Go to the front gate (715,825) while avoiding any and all Perimeter Security Drones and use the gate keypad. Enter 0943786 and the gate will open. Walk in while the drones aren't looking! The gate will close a minute after being open.

Orochi Option 2: Hopping the Fence

Go to the Orochi Van abandoned in front of the Camp and jump on its hood (690,840) while avoiding any Perimeter Security Drones in the process.

Hop on the top of the van and go to the edge closest to the fence. From there, a skillful jump can make it over. A bad jump can land you directly in a drone's sights, so be careful. If somebody has recently ran The Orochi Group, there may be Orochi Agents near this location on the inside of the Camp and increase your likelihood of being caught hopping.

Tier 3

Objective: Find a way inside the science barracks

The scientists will know what's going on, so you must find a way into the science barracks and take a look. The science barracks can be found within the largest tent in the back of the Orochi Camp (690,745). The science barracks are, however, locked down.

There is an air conditioning unit at the back of the barracks that can be interacted with - and thus tampered with - so pick up a canister of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) leaning against a pile of Orochi crates. There are multiple canisters littering the Orochi Camp.

With H2S in hand, go to the air ventilation unit at the back of the science barracks (650,760). Keep out of the sight of any drones on the way.

When ready, use the unit to put the H2S into the ventilation system.

Releasing the hydrogen sulfide into the system will cause an artificial gas leak that calls for immediate emergency evacuation. All personnel within the science barracks will make their way to the nearest exit. All doors will open while evacuations are underway.

This will last for approximately 3 minutes.

"Gas leak detected. Laboratory atmosphere unstable. Evacuate laboratory immediately."
- Orochi PA System

This leaves the northern door (675,755) free to enter after the scientists within have exited. Before crossing the threshold into the laboratory, put on the Hazmat Suit. The Hazmat suit can be obtained by completing the mission Up In Flames. If you do not have the Hazmat suit or wish to forego it, prepare to either heal or be very fast.

While inside the laboratory, you will be afflicted by Poisonous Smoke. Poisonous Smoke will cause you to be Poisoned and take damage over time unless wearing proper protective equipment in the form of HAZMAT.

When the gas leak is nearing its end, there will be an announcement over the PA System.

"Air stabilisers activated. Laboratory atmosphere will return to normal in approximately thirty seconds.
- Orochi PA System

Another warning, this time through FIFO, will be given when there are 5 seconds to spare.

Approximately 5 seconds until purge protocol.

Should you still be in the science barracks by the time the purge protocol is initiated, you will promptly die.

"Gas leak has been neutralised. Laboratory atmosphere has been stabilised. Employees can return to their stations."
- Orochi PA System

If you fail to complete the following objectives before the laboratory is cleared of the hydrogen sulfide, you will have to find another hydrogen sulfide canister and contaminate the ventilation system before resuming either objective.

Objective: Examine the broken holding cell

Inspect the broken holding cell inside of the science barracks now that there are no Orochi scientists to stop you.

Objective: Get more information from a terminal

Next to the broken holding cell is an Orochi Terminal. Hack into the terminal. Doing so will bring up a login screen.

The login requires a password. Type and enter hint to see the password hint.

"I wrote the password down and put it under my bunk. Hehehe nice hint eh?"

It seems that EKlein put the password by the bunks, so go to the bunks on the other side of the holding cell. There, a Scientist's PDA has been dropped during evacuation and is free to inspect.

Near the PDA between the bunks is The Orochi Group #13 (655,745).

The password is Henry5621 according to the complaint left on the PDA. Return to the terminal and input Henry5621.

With information in hand, it is time to leave the laboratory.

Tier 4

Objective: Find a communication unit and transmit the data

Find a means of communication within the Orochi Camp.

Near the front of the Orochi Camp is a parked Orochi communications van equipped with a large satelite (695,820).

An Orochi agent is monitoring communications within and no unapproved transmissions will be sent on her watch.

Near the van is a car with a familiar red light. This car, as with many others encountered throughout Solomon Island, will trigger its alarm if jumped on.

Jump on the car to trigger its blaring alarm. As soon as its alarm goes off, the Orochi Agent within the van will run out to investigate for a few seconds. Quickly use the time to circle around the van and avoid her sights. She has no mercy for those who disturb her.

Enter the communications van and transmit the data.

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