Into Darkness

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Agartha Activities: Paragon
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The Paragon Activity Boards can be found both outside the Hollowed Halls (535,225) and inside the Halls (585,150) of Agartha.

Into Darkness is a scaling mission with difficulty options ranging from Elite 3 to Elite 10. Higher difficulties will reward higher distillates from a reward chest available at the end of the mission.

This mission is only available after reaching 250 Item Power and having completed the Tokyo storyline up to and including Confrontations and Revelations. This is the Illuminati version of Into Darkness.

Tier 1

Objective: Report to the Eye

"This is a recording. Any unauthorised attempt to reply will be forwarded to the appropriate committee."

"You're being called to the Labyrinth. The Eye would like to see you."

"The Eye is me."

"I'm the Pyramidion. I'll see you soon."

- The Pyramidion

The Eye awaits. Go to the entrance of New York (490,435) and enter the portal to the city that never sleeps. Alternatively, Teleport (Shift+T) to New York if you so desire.

As per the Pyramidion's directions, make your way down to the Labyrinth itself. Stepping fully inside is satisfactory for the Eye be it from the nearby warehouse entrance (290,375) or the sewer entrance (265,365).

Objective: Enter the parking garage

"You must be new here. Stand perfectly still. One of our employees has gone missing."

"Wednesday night is bowling night in the Test Chamber, bring your own shoes."

"He was supposed to call in, but he has not."

"Please be aware that a page one Wikipedia rewrite is in progress, refrain from all torrent activity for the next eight minutes."

"We have uploaded the mission details to your phone."

"Stand by for a blast from the past: time capsule incoming."

"I will contact you once you have made it to your destination."

"What are you waiting for, an announcement? There will be no more announcements."

- The Pyramidion

Upon entering the Labyrinth proper, the Pyramidion will make an important call about a missing employee he wants found and sets you on the task.

The Pyramidion has so kindly provided a location for the garage. Simply exit the Labyrinth and head down to the subway station (359,416) to reach the gate to the parking garage.

When approaching the gated entrance to the parking garage, a difficulty selection will appear in lieu of the typical zoning prompt. Select the Elite difficulty desired, and the mobs within shall be scaled accordingly. Doing so will take you inside the parking garage itself.

Afraid of the Dark
The achievement Afraid of the Dark can be completed within the Co-op City Parking Garage by finishing the mission Into Darkness without killing more than 1 enemy. That one enemy must be the final boss of the mission. Note: Currently, dying will also cause the achievement to fail despite not being mentioned in the achievement itself.

Step forward once inside.

Co-op City, New York

3:47 AM

Objective: Investigate the security booth

"I see that you've made it to the site. Beyond this point, I'm blind."

"The cameras in the garage are connected to a different feed. One moment, please."

"There is a security office near your position. It has a live feed of all the cameras in the garage."

"I want to drink from that fountain."

"In case my metaphor disagrees with you - connect me to the closed circuit camera feed in the security office."

- The Pyramidion

Go to the nearby security booth just around the barrier gate. There are surveillance monitors waiting to be used for the Eye's benefit.

Using the computer will trigger a view from the security camera as the Pyramidion gains access to the feeds.

"All your cameras are belong to us. I was blind but now can see."

"I am the all-seeing eye. Ha."

"Un momento, por favor."

- The Pyramidion

Objective: Pick up the headlamp

Take the headlamp that's stranded on the counter inside the security booth. Doing so will place a Headlamp item in your Mission Inventory.

Objective: Activate the headlamp

Use the headlamp either from your Quick Access Inventory or the Mission Inventory directly. Doing so will activate the headlamp light and cause it to light the area in front of you.

Objective: Find a way deeper into the parking garage

Where the car lights still shine is a fallen security officer. Beside the officer is a keycard free for the taking.

The door to the next level of the garage is framed by two keycard readers. Use either of the keycard readers to open it after having procured the keycard from the officer.

Objective: Search for the agent

Continue through the now-opened floor to the next. Beware Filthy Mobsters loitering the various floors.

Go deeper in until reaching the end of Floor 4. Upon reaching the ramp leading to Floor 5, the headlamp will become Out of Batteries and no longer work. As soon as the light goes out, the Pyramidion calls.

"I detect darkness. Either the feed has gone dead, or the lights have."

"Enhancing picture."

"Oh. Well."

"It's probably good that you can't see what I see."

"Proceed with utmost caution."

"Try not to make any noise. Nothing to do here."

- The Pyramidion

Objective: Find an alternate light source

Brave the darkness by heading to red light of a road flare in the middle of the Floor 5 lot. In the truck beside it is a box of road flares.

Take the flares. Doing so will add them to your Mission Inventory. Using the Road Flare will allow the placement of a flare where desired. Flares will briefly Stun any mobs within the radius of the flare's telegraph for 5 seconds when used.

Objective: Find a way deeper into the parking garage

Traverse the darkened floors, using flares as necessary to light the way or keep mobs at bay.

The next door is locked once more by a keycard reader, which cannot be activated in total darkness. Use the Road Flare on or near the door in order to access the keycard reader and open the door. A Filthy Mobster stands in the middle of the door.

Should you wish to avoid killing Filthy Mobsters, aim the flare at them while opening the door to stun them.

Objective: Search for the agent

Enter Floor 6 now that it has been made accessible to resume the search. Filthy Mobsters roam the darkness.

The following door is again closed with a keycard reader in the darkness. Place a road flare nearby and use the keycard reader to advance to Floor 7. Either go to the far end of the door or stun the Filthy Mobster in order to successfully access the keycard readers.

Once on Floor 7, beware! This is no ordinary darkness. This is ADVANCED DARKNESS.

Stepping into the next floor will cause all car lights to turn on in sequential order to reveal the Unending Hunger at the end of the lit lot. The Filthy beast immediately charges forward.

The Unending Hunger

The Unending Hunger is a powerful foe and has the buff New Flesh, making it resistant to impairment effects. This includes the Road Flare's impair.

It occasionally casts Spew Filth. Spew Filth is a short-range column attack and should be avoided.

Destroy it to continue the search in peace or, if attempting the achievement Afraid of the Dark, run past the Unending Hunger and otherwise try to survive it through the rest of the mission until the very end.

It is only on the floor following The Unending Hunger's assault that something is found. At the end of Floor 8 in the Parking Garage are two corpses bathed in light and an empty briefcase nearby.

Objective: Retrace your steps and search for the agent

"Detecting heat signatures. There is activity converging on your position."

"One moment. Applying real-time filters."

"I see. A plague of Filth-Infected humans incoming."

"Flee or fight, regret nothing."

- The Pyramidion

Before you are able to begin the search anew, four Devouring Plague Filth Infected attack. Kill them. If after the achievement, simply survive the onslaught while searching for the agent.

After having seen the sordid sight and being assaulted by Filth Infected, Shades now populate the darkness in the parking garage in addition to any Filthy Mobsters that had not been killed beforehand.

Many of the shades are shadow figures that will become less visible when approached and will disappear entirely when you get nearby or when a flare is thrown on them.

Some Shades are very real, however, and can attack. The real Shades will move about and won't become dimmer when approached. In addition, flares will stun them when thrown at them. Be mindful of these shades. A Shade that has noticed you will pull you to it.

Keep going back up the floors, retracing your steps to the beginning.

When returning to Floor 7, Faction Conflict #3 can be triggered to appear by approaching the back of an alcove by the door to Floor 6. It is possible for this Legend to despawn afterward if given enough time untouched.

The door on Floor 6 that leads to Floor 5 will need to be re-opened. Throw a flare and access the keycard readers to open the way.

When attempting to go to Floor 4 from Floor 5, a Shade will appear and drag you between the truck and the forgotten flare on the floor.

Another Shade lurks on Floor 4 just before the ramp to Floor 3. It can be avoided if you go to the far end of the ramp, but it is very real and will pull you if you get too close without stunning it.

On Floor 3, a Shade wanders about, but can easily be avoided if patient.

On Floor 2, two Shades lurk around the floor. One lurks in the far-off corner closest to the door to Floor 3, and the other meanders near the entrance ramp to Floor 1 and patrols around that half of the lot.

Upon reaching Floor 1, something will attack, causing a bright light to obscure your vision as you become Blinded for 5 seconds.

It's a trap! You have been ambushed by an Unknown Agent!

Objective: Kill the ambusher!

Kill the ambushing Unknown Agent. The Unknown Agent's difficulty scales with the Elite difficulty selected in the beginning of the instance.

If you attempt to go back to lower floors at any time after reaching this objective, a swarm of Watchers in the Dark will be waiting just at the end of the ramp to Floor 2. These shades are particularly deadly. There is no way back down - only up!

Objective: Examine the dropped phone

Pick up the phone dropped by the fallen ambusher.

Faction Conflict #5 appears in the darkness beside a car on the first floor of the Parking Garage after having killed the ambusher.

Tier 2

Objective: Return to New York

It's time to return to New York.

After having examined the phone, there is a Reward Chest sitting by the exit of the Parking Garage that can be opened. Looting the Reward Chest is not necessary in order to proceed with the mission but can only be accessed before leaving to New York.

The Reward Chest contains 3 to 4 Glyph Distillates, 1 Talisman or Weapon Distillate, a Glyph Reward Bag, and some Anima Shards. Levels of distillates and anima shard amounts vary based on the Elite difficulty chosen.

The Reward Chest will despawn after a few minutes.

Either exit the parking garage through the way you came or teleport back out to New York. Return to the Big Apple through any desired means.

Objective: Listen to the phone call

Once safely in New York proper, the Pyramidion has more to say. Listen for the full 30 seconds to complete the mission.

"I didn't expect you to pull through that one."

"Who's awesome? You're awesome."

"Who is not awesome is whoever leaked the details of this deal to the Templars."

"He will never have a girlfriend."

"Q&A will initiate a clean sweep of the Labyrinth to root out the snake."

"Steer clear for a bit, you've received a get out of jail free card."

"Also, a promotion. Like a boss. Go about your business."

- The Pyramidion

After completing this mission for the first time, you will be promoted to the next Faction Rank - Rank 11. You will also receive the Chief Agent uniform.

Promoted - Faction rank increased. Congratulations Hardballer.

Immediately after the promotion notification, Kirsten Geary herself calls.

"This is more of a nice-to-have, but you know, sometimes it's nice to have things. Kudos."

- Kirsten Geary

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