Kaidan Security Five (395,335)
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Objective: Find the ambulance

When leaving the bridge, Security Five gives a little call.

"The signal is coming from the highway. Perhaps the ambulance was up there when the bridge out of Kaidan was bombed. This unit is certain that this obstacle is not insurmountable."

- Security Five

The section of the bridge Security Five has pinpointed the ambulance to is isolated high above from the rest of the road.

Climb the rubble (455,410) and jump on to the nearby section of the Wall (455,415) leading up to the bridge island. There is some open rebar accessible (450,415) that would prove useful.

The rebar will lead to a corner of the standing bridge segment (455,400) with vertical a vertical rebar structure (450,400) to take up to the road.

To the left of the ambulance is Trail of Shadows Buzzing #4 (440,420).

The ambulance rots abandoned on the other side of the road.

Objective: Investigate the ambulance

Creep closer to examine the emergency vehicle.

It seems upon inspection that a few doors were left wide open.

In the back is an organ transfer case to look into. Those organs won’t be any good to anybody at this point. It seems to be from Vali. That is never a good sign…

On the dashboard is a computer interface. Computers are always worth taking a peek at.

Objective: Gain access to the ambulance’s computer

Prodding the computer yields nothing. It has no power.

Why not check the car battery to see if it can be useful in hot-wiring the mess of an ambulance?

Open the hood. It’s for the greater good.

The battery seems to still be there!

Unfortunately, the battery is fried. It’s time to find a new power source.

Head east to the ruined portion of the bridge.

The Vali vehicle could certainly use a new battery. Luckily, another Orochi truck lays ruined on the other half of the bridge (495,420). Its battery is ripe for the taking.

Return to the ambulance, pop the hood, and use the battery again to replace it.

Objective: Investigate the ambulance’s computer

Now that the ambulance has some power, it’s time to take a look at the dashboard interface.

It seems then that you need to use the Ambulance Search function.

To do so, you need the Ambulance Identification Number.

There are a variety of numbers associated with vehicles.

In particular, the license plate.


Once the proper Ambulance Identification Number is used, peruse the computer’s newly available information.

Objective: Locate Kaidan International Hospital

Begin the hunt for the Kaidan International Hospital.

Recall the Delivery History.

All of the ambulance drivers in the Delivery History that went to Kaidan International Hospital took the back entrance except for one.

The third-to-last entry near the bottom with the delivery time of 11:39 couldn’t find the back entrance.

Instead, they went to the pharmacy in Manticore Plaza.

Luckily, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Upon approaching the general vicinity of the alternative entrance (270,470), Security Five makes a quick call.

"The Vali building is nearby."

- Security Five

Security Five points out the obvious as the Kaidan International Hospital entrance sits conspicuously in the plaza (245,415).


Objective: Investigate the hospital

It’s time to venture into an ominously abandoned hospital!

Enter the hospital lobby.

Objective: Wait for Security Five

"This unit detects you have entered the hospital. This unit will join you shortly. This unit is never late. This unit is never early. This unit arrives precisely when it means to."

- Security Five

Security Five decides to tag along. Wait a few seconds and she will rush in.

Objective: Find a way for Security Five to get further into the hospital

"This unit suspects it is too large to enter the autopsy."

- Security Five

Once the Smiler gets to the main doors in the back of the lobby, she complains and turns back to wait by the side of the secretary desk to stare at the door some more. Waiting. Waiting for you.

There is an abandoned ID badge in the front of the room (260,275). Pick it up. The number at the bottom appears to be faded.

Continue investigating the lobby.

The side mission Pieces of Jack (245,260) can be found at a Stray Paper on a bench.

There is another ID badge on the main desk (255,260) to look at. This one, however, has a number.

There are two hallways, one to the right and one to the left of the autopsy that Security Five wanted to see.

Proceed through the left hall of offices.

In the second room is another ID badge sitting on an abandoned desk (270,235). This too has an ID number.

A computer one desk over in the very same room (270,230) seems to have been left online. Peruse its contents freely and thoroughly.

In the third room down is yet another abandoned ID badge on a couch (260,225) between the cushions. As with the others, it has an intact Orochi Employee ID.

Head out to the hallway through the nearby exit. Yet another ID badge lays on the ground, this time beneath a keypad (255,230). It too is faded.

Now go to the right hallway.

Unfortunately, nothing of interest is found until the end (245,230), where a keypad and a lock bars further investigation.

Many of the ID badges found previously have employee IDs.

There are a few whose IDs are conspicuously faded.

Orochi has an easily accessible way of finding and utilizing Orochi Employee IDs.

Use the Orochi Employee Finder on

1948555, Junko Echi, Administration. Found via Orochi Employee Finder.

This leads to the security office, where Naoko Rin worked and where his badge was left abandoned outside of.

Drone storage is behind the security office, but a lock keeps it closed (245,220).

Naoko Rin said that he changed the security password to Persimmon Queen’s ID. He also mentioned a hidden switch to open the door without an ID.

It would be pointless if the switch wasn’t even in the same room, since Rin is a security guard.

Between the cubicle computer next to the keypad and the desk is a suspiciously blinking red light. Use it.

The lock opens access to the Drone Storage where the two employees had their intimate escapades.

Unsurprisingly, all that can be found in drone storage are drones.

At the far left corner of the small storage space is a clairvoyance drone ripe for the picking (250,215).

Take your new drone buddy.

Objective: Upload Security Five into the Drone

Using a small surveillance drone would certainly allow that humongous but adorable mech to see what lurks in the Kaidan International Hospital.

Return to Security Five. There is a lovely place to put your newfound handheld partner in front of her (250,255).

Once placed, Security Five begins to upload herself into the smaller body.

Objective: Take the elevator to floor 2

You are now Instructing Security Five in her new drone body.

"This unit will help you."

- Security Five

While instructing security five, three special abilities are available for use.

  1. Zap – Command Security Five to disable the target cyborg.
  2. Scan – Command Security Five to scan the area for objects of interest.
  3. Remote Control – Command Security Five to remotely take control of the action circuits of another drone.

The elevator is at the far end (255,210) of the main hallway that Security Five previously lamented her inability to access.

It is guarded by two cyborgs.

Luckily, a drone is at your disposal as well.

Disable the cyborgs through Zap. They will become Zapped and disabled, but be careful not to Zap the same cyborg twice or they wake up.

Press the ‘Call Elevator’ button, head inside, and choose the second floor.

Objective: Explore the hospital

What a normal looking hospital.

There are cyborgs patrolling the area. Zap the cyborg pacing up and down through the hall. Another wandering about is Damaged, and damages those around it. Be careful to avoid the malfunctioning machine. The damaged cyborg checks every room, even though there aren’t any patients to check in on.

There is also a nurses station in the front. The door (245,220) is electronically locked. What a shame.

Objective: Access the nurses station

There happens to be a clairvoyance drone fluttering around the station.

Security Five can do marvelous things when instructed.

Use Remote-Control on the clairvoyance drone. This will give access to the ability Action Circuits, which will cause an EMP when used. Use Action Circuits near the door to short-circuit its electronic lock.

Objective: Investigate the computer

Nurses are always busy with important things, so their computers are bound to be interesting.

The computer closest to the elevator (250,215) has some interesting x-ray photographs on its screen. It might prove worthwhile to use.

Go through the computer’s various notes and messages. Its Email system holds promise.

KI Hospital Email:

Welcome. Please enter your email username.

Username is first initial followed by last name, like so:

J Doe.

Account names are required, however, to access any information within.

There are names of the acting physicians on the floor on the whiteboards by each of the patient rooms.

The doctors of this floor are Dr. Padma Gulati and Dr. Sachi Takano.

Usernames are in the form of first initial and last name.

P Gulati and S Takano.

Using either brings up a password request. Thankfully, they have hints.

P Gulati: Your favorite dessert.

S Takano: Your favorite songwriter.

Begin to scour through the open rooms while paying careful attention to avoid the damaged drone, whose electrical surges are a surefire death sentence. Each room has a letter written to family and a patient chart for perusal.

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive is mentioned repeatedly by patients around the floor.

The lyricist behind Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive is Johnny Mercer.

S Takano’s inbox has a message from Dr. Padma Gulati requesting help with a patient in one of the quarantined rooms. To get Dr. Takano’s help, he has given her the key for Kadalynn Quinn’s room: 8246. Use the code to access the room (250,250).

Behind the bed in Kadalynn Quinn’s room is Trail of Shadows Buzzing #6 (245,250).

As with the other rooms, leave no paper unscathed.

Return to the nurses station and use the newly gained information to access the next Kaidan International Hospital Email account.

P Gulati’s hint is that her password is her favorite dessert.

P Gulati’s password is pumpkin pie.

Dr. Padma Gulati’s emails extensively mention Dr. Conner Summers.

We now have a full name for another doctor.

C Summers’ password hint: favorite animal.

Dr. Summers has requested Dr. Gulati’s presence for his Quarantine 2 rounds.

The computer’s various messages mention where Dr. Summers typically works.

Return to the elevator and go to the third floor. This is where Dr. Summers does his rounds.

Using the latest code, 2573, enter Chiyo Nishimura’s quarantined room (250,235) on the third floor.

The last room on the left side of the hall of the third floor houses Trail of Shadows Black Signal #2 (240,255). To access this room, instruct Security Five to Scan to reveal a hidden button to the right of the door in the very bottom left of the glass panel.

Once through, return to the second floor. There is a damaged droid meandering the room. Be sure to disable it, but do so where it won’t be in the way. It’s still a very damaged fellow. Preoccupy yourself with the parchment in the room.

C Summers’ password is his favorite animal.

C Summers always wears otter-things. How cute.


Conclude the computer investigation with his mail.

Objective: Gain access to the morgue

Return to the elevator. B1 is the morgue, however access is denied.

It has a keypad near the floor buttons.

Enter ‘4905’ from Dr. Conner Summers’ inbox message from Junko Echi.

Objective: Take the elevator to the morgue

Access was granted, so go to the lowest floor available, B1, and leave the elevator.

Objective: Explore the hallway

To the right as you exit the elevator is a corpse of a man who appears to have pulled his own tongue out (260,210). He left a journal beside him.

Objective: Figure out the key code

The journal records the group’s valiant effort to brute-force the code. There are a few numbers written in blood on the wall by the first room. The others have no codes.

Focus on the first room.

The first and last values in the code are the same as the door number.

Of the four numbers written on the wall, only two begin with the number 1.

They have to end in 1 as well. Why not make it so?

Yasmin is dyslexic and consequently missed a few of them. Due to Yasmin’s dyslexia, the third and fourth letters were swapped. It is a number between 18341 to 18431.


Objective: Investigate the morgue

"The schematics this unit has accessed for this building indicate that this is where the organs and bodies are brought from the hospital and delivered."

- Security Five

Enter the previously locked room and look around. There are some open doors to venture through.

Make way to the end of the morgue (265,240).

Objective: Investigate the computer

Another forgotten computer sits attended only by a corpse.

Read through to the final entry of detailed dread.

Objective: Locate the shrine

There is a shrine of Maro Uno out there in cold storage, his flesh hailed as relics.

Nestled in an operating room opposite of cold storage is Trail of Shadows Buzzing #5 (245,225).

Go past the gruesome scene to cold cyborg storage, a room lined with storage units for the cybermen.

Search for the right unit containing Maro Uno’s shrine.

Hiding in a cyborg storage unit is Trail of Shadows Buzzing #8 in cold storage (260,255).

Many of them open normally, but the unit in the far back (265,255) requires a key code to open.

"When the one below silver forms a marriage with the one below tin, they consummate their union and multiply, making a key."

Silver and tin are both elements.

What is below the elements but yet more elements?

On the periodic table, Gold (Au) is below Silver (Ag), and Lead (Pb) is below Tin (Sn).

The song says to multiply. There are a few numbers associated with an element.

Multiply the atomic numbers of gold (79) and lead (82) to get 6478.

Objective: Destroy the shrine

Obliterate what remains of the murderous Maro Uno.

Objective: Observe the reactions of the deactivated cyborgs.

"This unit fears that the population in Cold Storage has responded to you opening the door. Please follow this unit."

- Security Five

The remaining cyborgs in storage leap into activity in defense of the desecration. Security Five, however, kindly zaps them all as she leaves a trail of safe destruction.

Objective: Escape to the lobby

Make haste to the lobby.

When near the elevator, all of the deactivated cyborgs burst through the door.

"Shiz just got real! That is…you must escape."

- Security Five

Security Five makes a brave sacrifice.

"This unit will hold them here."

- Security Five

Objective: Retrieve Security Five’s mech memory storage

Approach the poor, empty shell of Security Five. It will reboot upon close proximity.

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