Ami Legend

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The Savage Coast Red (150,870)
4 922 600

Auf Deutsch: Ami Legend

En Français: Ami, entends-tu les cris sourds ?

Tier 1

Objective: Kill Ak'ab Stalkers

Kill 5 Ak'ab Stalkers, which can be found lurking around the back of Red's Bait and Tackle.

Tier 2

Objective: Follow the trail into the forest

Take the rough trail leading into Hunter's Hike until you reach a small pass (255,945). Once there, ak'ab will strike!

Objective: Stop the attacking ak'ab

Defeat the swarms of ak'ab, which will come in three consecutive waves of 4 Tenebrous Brood Invaders followed by one single Tenebrous Brood Ravager.

Tier 3

Objective: Find an ak'ab nest

Proceed farther in the Black Goat Woods to the mouth of an infested cave passage in the face of the mountainside (390,980). Head inside the ak'ab lair.

Tier 4

Objective: Enter the cave

Enter the writhing, wriggling entrance to the Lair of Darkness. The pulsating nest beckons.

Once within the tenebrous maw, take a step toward Ami, who waits nearby.

Tier 5

Objective: Escort Ami as she searches the cave

Begin the trek inside the Lair of Darkness with Ami and protect her as need be from the ak'ab that call the cave home. She will follow, so there is no need to hurry or worry about her running off. Ami will periodically cast the healing spell Amiable every few seconds, but it will only heal you when you are below 100% HP.

Another Bug Hunt
A Dead Soldier can be found in the very beginning of the Lair of Darkness and starts Another Bug Hunt, which will require collecting objects within the Lair of Darkness.

Ak'ab litter the cave, but the path itself is fairly straightforward.

Ak'ab #8 hides behind a bundle of stalagmites early on in the Lair of Darkness when reaching the first watery crossroads.

Keep going and protecting Ami along the way. Ak'ab are eager to attack within their nest.

Wabanaki #6 sits atop a ramp formed of stalagmites along the watery path close to the cavern.

Make it to the opening of a large cavern containing an enormous ak'ab nest. Once close, Ami will begin to walk ahead. It is her duty to destroy the nest.

Objective: Defend Ami while she destroys the nest

Ami makes a beeline straight for the ak'ab nest and begins to destroy the nest through her magic. This makes the ak'ab very unhappy, and they will attack to protect their nest. Defend Ami all the while killing any ak'ab that appears before Ami is harmed too much.

To start, one wave of 4 Tenebrous Brood will appear and attack shortly after Ami approaches the nest. If not engaged shortly after combat begins, the Tenebrous Brood may turn their attention to Ami. Following that is a wave of 6 Tenebrous Brood.

A Tenebrous Brood Warrior joins the battle once the Tenebrous Brood are dealt with.

It is then followed by a wave of 2 Tenebrous Brood Warriors.

With all broodlings and warriors defeated comes the final obstacle in destroying the nest: the queen herself. Kill the Tenebrous Brood Queen so that Ami may finish the job.

Once the Tenebrous Brood Queen has been defeated, Ami will finish destroying the nest.


"That was a good thing we did. The land is strong, but sometimes she needs our help. It took me a long time to understand that."

With Ami's duty done, she makes her way to a portal to the Savage Coast. The portal leads to the beginning of the tunnel containing the Lair of Darkness (385,985). It is not necessary to take the portal, but the offer is there.


"I'll see you back at the store."

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