Another Bug Hunt

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The Savage Coast Dead Soldier (Lair of Darkness)
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This mission is only available while inside the Lair of Darkness during the mission Ami Legend. The Dead Soldier is found in the beginning of the Lair.

Tier 1

Objective: Collect dog tags

Collect a total of four dog tags from the corpses of soldiers within the Lair of Darkness. Simply take them from the bodies.

The first set of dog tags can be found right on the Dead Soldier that gave Another Bug Hunt.

The second dead soldier is off to the side in a wet, puddle-filled passage shortly after the first dead soldier.

The third dead soldier is on the left of a dry slope between two drowned portions of the cave system.

The fourth dead soldier hugs some fungi along a moist trail.

Objective: Examine the report

By a dead soldier near the mouth of the cavern that houses the enormous ak'ab nest is a mission report free for the taking. Pick it up.

Tier 2

Objective: Go to the military camp at Blue Mountain

Make your way to the Blue Mountain, either by crossing the tunnel exit from the Savage Coast to the Blue Mountain (115,960) after leaving the Lair of Darkness through Ami's portal, teleporting if able (Shift+T), or through Agartha.

Once through the Black Goat Pass and into Blue Mountain, provided you take that path, follow Solomon Road and cross the Devore Bridge. Be mindful of the many zombies waiting on the bridge in the guise of corpses as you go.

Between Solomon Road and Wendigo Way past the bridge is the Military Camp (465,230).

Objective: Return the dog tags to Sarge

The tough, gruff, and rough Sarge stands charge at the Military Camp (450,225). Approach him to turn over the dog tags.

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