Taking the Purple

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The Savage Coast John Wolf (455,675)
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Tier 1

Objective: Go to the Atlantic Island Park

Follow the main road eastwards from John Wolf. Take the second exit to the right and follow the road until you arrive at the entrance to the park.

Objective: Examine the corpse

Examine the corpse at the tree near the park entrance.

Objective: Look around for more corpses

Continue down the road and you will find another corpse near a street light.

Tier 2

Objective: Continue down the road

Continue following the road eastwards.

Objective: Defeat the ambushers

You are ambushed by three agents of an unknown agency. Dispose of them.

Tier 3

Objective: Locate the ambushers' hideout

The ambushers came from the house to the east of where you encountered them. Go to that house.

Objective: Find a way into the house

Go to the back of the house and approach the basement entrance. Beware of the patrolling guard in that area. Interact with the entrance to enter the basement.

Objective: Access the PC

Beware of the lasers and camera in this basement. The camera will alternate between three different angles. Time your movement right, then approach the camera and stand directly underneath it.

Most cameras will not notice you when you stand directly beneath them. Use this method to efficiently wait for the camera to rotate to a different angle, then run away from it before it changes its view angle again.

Access the PC by interacting with it. You should disable the security measures before anything else. If you want to do this, type “2” in the computer interface and hit enter.

Objective: Pick up the tracking device next to the PC

Interact with it to pick it up.

Objective: Locate and destroy the first camera

Objective: Locate and destroy the second camera

Objective: Locate and destroy the third camera

The security has been turned off. Leave the basement. You will now have to locate tree cameras at three different locations. All of them are close by the road, on the way back to John Wolf.

Activate the tracker in your inventory.

The first camera is just outside the fence in the north-eastern corner of the park.

The second camera is outside the fence close to the northern park entrance.

The third camera is just barely inside the park, easily visible from the road. You will be able to access it through a hole in the fence.

Tier 4

Objective: Locate and destroy the final camera

Your tracker should turn on automatically for this one. If it doesn't, activate it in your inventory.

This final camera is located in the north-eastern corner of the Park's parking lot, which is at the northernmost point of the Park.

Objective: Kill the Squad Leader

Upon destroying the last camera, you will be ambushed by another agent in purple. Watch out for the grenade attack. Defeat the Squad Leader to conclude the mission.

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