Bounty: More Winter Holidays Champions

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The mission Bounty: More Winter Holidays Champions becomes available after completing the unrepeatable Bounty: Winter Holidays Champions. They are nearly identical missions aside from their rewards and the repeatability of this version.

This mission can be obtained from any Paragon Activity Board in Agartha during the Winter Holidays event.

Mission Description

Elusive new champions have been spotted in the world. A bounty has been posted by your faction handler to hunt down and eliminate a number of them.

Tier 1

Task Description

A number of champions have appeared with the Winter Holidays.
They can be defeated daily for repeat rewards, even when you do not have a Bounty mission.
Winter Holiday champions are elusive and may require puzzle solving or exploration to find.
These champions scale to the strength of the player who summons them.

Objective: Defeat Winter Holiday Champions

Defeat four different Winter Holiday Champions.

Once a Winter Holiday Champion has been killed, it cannot be used as mission credit for the next 18 hours regardless of whether or not you have this mission when killing a Champion.

These champions scale according to the Level and Item Power of the player who summons them.

  • Kingsmouth TownTragedy - Lv 1-50 Revenant. Collect 4 [Rat Corpse] by killing rats scurrying around the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport warehouse and place a single [Rat Corpse] on each point of the Pentagram ritual site (925, 575) in order to bring forth this bad bird.
  • The Savage Coast Groundskeeper Hammond. Lv 1-50 Zombie. Find and interact with a Discarded Gift, which has been left to lure the Groundskeeper. It has multiple possible locations: (370,465), (510,450), and (525, 445).
  • The Blue MountainMax - Lv 1-50 Wolf. Found as a Trapped Canine locked in a Wabanaki dreamcatcher ward (696,673), Max can be freed by interacting with the wards in the right order: North-East (NE), North-West (NW), South (S), South-West (SW), North (N), and finally South-East (SE).
  • The Scorched DesertCursed Soul of Greed - Lv 1-50 Mummy. Knock on the Sarcophagus sitting against the wall atop the Way of Offerings (518,1055) to awaken a series of enemies: Regretful Ka, Pained Seer, and Destiny. Once all three are killed, the Cursed Soul of Greed breaks free.
  • City of the Sun GodWarsmith - Lv 1-50 Incubus. Take a jump pad by Bab-el-Monzarin (920,997) to a series of five Braziers (975,970). Interact with one to gain the ability Ignite, and then use Ignite to receive the buff Flaming Feet, which allows you to connect the Braziers with a pentagram shape to summon the Warsmith.
  • The Besieged FarmlandsWindow-Peeper - Lv 1-50 Human. He can be found as a Suspicious Character creeping in the windows of various houses in Harbabureşti: (1034,1106), (1040,1087), (1067,1074), (1070,1160), (1060,1144), (1073,1093), (1131,1047), (1158,1164). Coordinates added as additional locations are found!
  • The Shadowy ForestThe Grunch - Lv 1-50 Ghoul Shaman. Collect 5 [Crate of "Sausages"] in the Dimir Farm and bring them to the Overlook (1080,1117). Place them to summon The Grunch.
  • The Carpathian FangsPermafrost - Lv 1-50 Ice Golem. Find and interact with a Suspicious Snowpile to awaken Permafrost. The Suspicious Snowpile has a number of potential places: (825,1260), (605,505), (965,925), (1030,790), (1025,400), (580,807), (550,1200). Coordinates added as additional locations are found!
  • KaidanThe Forgotten - Lv 1-50 Spectre. Examine 4 Abandoned Photographs found throughout Kaidan. The Abandoned Photographs are very small, black and white pictures and can be easy to miss. There is no specific order of pickup necessary, as The Forgotten will appear once the fourth photo is used regardless of which photograph it ends up being. Abandoned Photographs can be found in the following spots:
    • A fallen swan boat (782,15).
    • A courtyard in the Orochi Housing Projects (844, 216).
    • A building's perimeter (699, 527).
    • At the top of a building (626, 710) which can be accessed by a nearby ladder (619, 671).

Greater detail concerning the Winter Holiday Champions can be found on the Bounty: Winter Holidays Champions guide.

Completing this mission rewards two Gift-Wrapped Presents.

For more information concerning the Winter Holidays event, there is the Winter Holidays Event Guide!

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