Bounty: Winter Holidays Champions

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This mission is a one-time per event mission that can be obtained from either of the Paragon Activity Boards in Agartha found within (585,150) and outside (535,225) the Hollowed Halls during the Winter Holidays event. The repeatable version is Bounty: More Winter Holidays Champions.

Mission Description

Elusive new champions have been spotted in the world. A bounty has been posted by your faction handler to hunt down and eliminate a number of them.

For more information concerning the Winter Holidays event, there is the Winter Holidays Event Guide!

Tier 1

Task Description

A number of champions have appeared with the Winter Holidays.
They can be defeated daily for repeat rewards, even when you do not have a Bounty mission.
Winter Holiday champions are elusive and may require puzzle solving or exploration to find.
These champions scale to the strength of the player who summons them.

Objective: Defeat Winter Holiday Champions

Defeat four different Winter Holiday Champions. Hints for each Winter Holiday Champion can be found at the end of Fog and Mirrors, but completing Fog and Mirrors mission is not necessary for finding or solving the Champions' whereabouts.

Once an individual Winter Holiday Champion has been killed, it drops a Gift-Wrapped Present and will go on both loot and mission credit cooldown for the next 18 hours. The Champion cannot be used as mission credit for the next 18 hours regardless of whether or not you have this mission when killing a Champion.

These champions scale according to the Level and Item Power of the player who summons them.

Completing this mission rewards a Signet of Cruel Delight, Signet of Thirst, and two Gift-Wrapped Presents.

Winter Holiday Champions

Each Adventure Zone excluding New Dawn contains a single Winter Holiday Champion:

  • Kingsmouth Town — Tragedy
  • The Savage Coast — Groundskeeper Hammond
  • The Blue Mountain — Max
  • The Scorched Desert — Cursed Soul of Greed
  • City of the Sun God — Warsmith
  • The Besieged Farmlands — Window-Peeper
  • The Shadowy Forest — The Grunch
  • The Carpathian Fangs — Permafrost
  • Kaidan — The Forgotten

Summarized summoning information can be found below should you desire quick, comprehensive solutions. Full information and mechanics are available in in the specific categories for each Winter Holiday Champion further down within this guide.

  • Kingsmouth TownTragedy - Lv 1–50 Revenant. Collect 4 [Rat Corpse] by killing rats scurrying around the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport warehouse and place a single [Rat Corpse] on each point of the Pentagram ritual site (925, 575) in order to bring forth this bad bird.
  • The Savage Coast Groundskeeper Hammond - Lv 1–50 Zombie. Find and interact with a Discarded Gift, which has been left to lure the Groundskeeper. It has multiple possible locations: (370,465), (510,450), and (525, 445).
  • The Blue MountainMax - Lv 1–50 Wolf. Found as a Trapped Canine locked in a Wabanaki dreamcatcher ward (696,673), Max can be freed by interacting with the wards in the right order: North-East (NE), North-West (NW), South (S), South-West (SW), North (N), and finally South-East (SE).
  • The Scorched DesertCursed Soul of Greed - Lv 1–50 Mummy. Knock on the Sarcophagus sitting against the wall atop the Way of Offerings (518,1055) to awaken a series of enemies: Regretful Ka, Pained Seer, and Destiny. Once all three are killed, the Cursed Soul of Greed breaks free.
  • City of the Sun GodWarsmith - Lv 1–50 Incubus. Take a jump pad by Bab-el-Monzarin (920,997) to a series of five Braziers (975,970). Interact with one to gain the ability Ignite, and then use Ignite to receive the buff Flaming Feet, which allows you to connect the Braziers with a pentagram shape to summon the Warsmith.
  • The Besieged FarmlandsWindow-Peeper - Lv 1–50 Human. He can be found as a Suspicious Character creeping in the windows of various houses in Harbabureşti: (1005,1079), (1033,1106), (1035,1112), (1041,1087), (1043,1108), (1053,1136), (1061,1144), (1063,1138), (1067,1075), (1069,1160), (1073,1093), (1077,1158), (1104,1139), (1128,1155), (1131,1048), (1158,1164).
  • The Shadowy ForestThe Grunch - Lv 1–50 Ghoul Shaman. Collect 5 [Crate of "Sausages"] in the Dimir Farm and bring them to the Overlook (1080,1117). Place them to summon The Grunch.
  • The Carpathian FangsPermafrost - Lv 1–50 Ice Golem. Find and interact with a Suspicious Snowpile to awaken Permafrost. The Suspicious Snowpile has a number of potential places: (825,1260), (607,505), (965,915), (1035,780), (1033,402), (580,807), (551,1202).
  • KaidanThe Forgotten - Lv 1–50 Spectre. Examine 4 Abandoned Photographs found throughout Kaidan. The Abandoned Photographs are very small, black and white pictures and can be easy to miss. There is no specific order of pickup necessary, as The Forgotten will appear once the fourth photo is used regardless of which photograph it ends up being. Abandoned Photographs can be found in the following spots:
    • A fallen swan boat (782,15).
    • A courtyard in the Orochi Housing Projects (844, 216).
    • A building's perimeter (699, 527).
    • At the top of a building (626, 710) which can be accessed by a nearby ladder (619, 671).


The Winter Holiday Champion of Kingsmouth Town is Tragedy.

From Operation Seafoam Leader's laptop:

Location and Summoning Method

There is a Pentagram ritual site in the back of the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport Warehouse (925,575). A single bow-wrapped rat corpse adorns a point on the Pentagram.

Rats race about the compound. Upon death, they drop a [Rat Corpse], which goes into the Mission Inventory when looted. The rats can be hard to see.

Bring 4 [Rat Corpse]s obtained by killing Rats found scurrying around the corpse-filled warehouse to the Pentagram and place them at each of the remaining points of the star to summon the rat-based revenant Tragedy.

Abilities and Mechanics


Tragedy frequently casts Misdirect over 2 seconds. Misdirect applies a 10 second reflection shield around Tragedy, visualized as a green miasma. Attacking Tragedy during Misdirect's duration will cause your attack to be reflected right back at you and potentially kill you. Misdirect's cast can be interrupted. The effect cannot be Purged.

It is advise not to hit Tragedy while Misdirect is in effect and to instead wait it out if you were unable to prevent Misdirect from being cast.

Call to Vermin

Tragedy lowers its crossbow and does a Call to Vermin in a column in front of it, flinging vicious rats to harm anyone within the attack. Those hit by the Call to Vermin suffer for it and are Infected for 10 seconds, gaining a stack for every second within the Call and causing magical damage over time while simultaneously increasing damage received for its duration.


The pestilent Tragedy throws down a puddle of Plague, a TAoE that harms anybody standing within it over time.

Groundskeeper Hammond

The Winter Holiday Champion of the Savage Coast is Groundskeeper Hammond.

From Operation Seafoam Leader's laptop:

Location and Summoning Method

Find and open a Discarded Gift left to lure bees and zombies alike. The Discarded Gift is easily obscured by grass and can be found in one of three locations between Innsmouth Academy and the Atlantic Island Park.

Discarded Gift Locations

  • (370,465)
  • (510,450)
  • (525,445)

Once you attempt to open the Discarded Gift, Groundskeeper Hammond will come out and attack.

Abilities and Mechanics

Hell to Pay

In a bid for vengeance, Groundskeeper Hammond sweeps his shovel in a column attack in front of him, causing damage to those in striking distance, for there is Hell to Pay.


The Winter Holiday Champion of the Blue Mountain is Max.

From Operation Seafoam Leader's laptop:

Location and Summoning Method

There is a Trapped Canine (696,673) stuck in the ritual trappings of the Wabanaki's wards.

Nearby are Opened Gift Boxes directly across from the directional wards binding the canine, and all have a different number of bones inside, if they have any at all. Examining an Opened Gift Box results in a FIFO on-screen message stating the contents of the box.

Opened Gift Box Locations

  1. Opened Gift Box containing one bone (704,682) is across from the North-East Ward.
  2. Opened Gift Box containing two bones (668,698) is across from the North-West Ward.
  3. Opened Gift Box containing three bones (698,644) is across from the South Ward.
  4. Opened Gift Box containing four bones (671,650) is across from the South-West Ward on a cliff between that containing the Trapped Canine and the Sobhoban Stone. Interacting with the box gives the on-screen message, "This box looks to have fallen down the hill". A lone bone lies on the edge of the cliff above it near the Sobhoban Stone.
  5. Opened Gift Box containing five bones (672,865) is far across from the North Ward and seemingly nowhere to be found, but is in fact by two crashed cars on Solomon Road north of the Orochi Camp. If you can't find it, the boxes across from the East and West wards are both empty, suggesting they are not used. This leaves the North Ward as the only option.
  6. Opened Gift Box containing six bones (788,591) is across from the South-East Ward.

Each box corresponds to the order in which each Ward is to be used in order to free the poor pup.

If the ward order used is incorrect, using the sixth ward will cause you receive damage from the Warding Circle and be Knocked Down for 2 seconds.

Once the final ward has been used and the order is correct, the Trapped Canine will be freed.

Trapped Canine Ward Order

The correct ward order is ultimately:

  1. North-East (NE)
  2. North-West (NW)
  3. South (S)
  4. South-West (SW)
  5. North (N)
  6. South-East (SE)

Meet Max.

Abilities and Mechanics

Lonely Howl

Max gives a Lonely Howl to those in front of him in a column, damaging all within range.


Max does a mad Dash in front of him. The Dash will cause you to be Knocked Down for 2 seconds if hit, making you unable to act during that time period as you pick yourself back up on your feet.

Cursed Soul of Greed

The Winter Holiday Champion of the Scorched Desert is the Cursed Soul of Greed.

From Operation Seafoam Leader's laptop:

Location and Summoning Method

A Sarcophagus sits against a wall in the Way of Offerings (518,1055). Interact, knocking on it to begin to release the Cursed Soul of Greed.

The Cursed Soul of Greed does not come immediately. First, a Regretful Ka attacks. Then, a Pained Seer. Following them is the spirit Destiny. Only once all three are dead will the Cursed Soul of Greed break free of the sarcophagus.

Abilities and Mechanics

Disturber of the Dead

Once you knock on the sarcophagus, you are a Disturber of the Dead, and cannot leave the vicinity of the sarcophagus as outlined by the familiar blue hexagons of a boss barrier or the entire encounter will reset.

Life Envy

Once awoken, the Cursed Soul of Greed will give you Life Envy for 1 minute and 30 seconds or until the Cursed Soul of Greed is defeated. Should the timer run down before the Cursed Soul of Greed is defeated, you will receive severe damage.

Unjust Execution

The Cursed Soul of Greed periodically deals an Unjust Execution, attacking in a large cleaving cone in front of it.

A single hit by Unjust Execution damages as well as applies 3 stacks of Accursed. Accursed causes damage over time, reduces incoming heals, leeches, and barrier effects. It would be best not to stand within the Unjust Execution.


The Winter Holiday Champion of the City of the Sun God is the Warsmith.

From Operation Seafoam Leader's laptop:

Location and Summoning Method

Take the new jump pad by Bab-el-Monzarin (920,997) to go to a cliff containing five Braziers (975,970) amidst ruins.

Interacting with a Brazier will change your ability bar and grant you the ability Ignite. Use Ignite at a Brazier to receive the buff Flaming Feet, which causes you to leave flames in your path for the duration of the buff.

With Flaming Feet active, connect the Braziers into the appropriate ritual summoning symbol of a pentagram, using Ignite every Brazier to refresh Flaming Feet.

With the pentagram complete, the Warsmith makes its appearance.

Abilities and Mechanics

Forked Pitch

The Warsmith impales the ground and creates a Forked Pitch, a PBAoE and column attack that not only surrounds the immediate vicinity of the Warsmith, but also creates four columns of flames: three forking outward in front of the Warsmith and one behind the Warsmith.

Standing within the flames created by the Forked Pitch will make you Burning, inflicting damage over time and increasing in stacks the longer you stand within the fire. It's generally advised not to stand in fire.


The Warsmith throws a GTAoE in the form of Immolation, leaving a patch of fire at your feet. Standing inside the fire will hurt over time.


The Winter Holiday Champion of the Besieged Farmlands Window-Peeper.

From Operation Seafoam Leader's laptop:

Location and Summoning Method

A Suspicious Character can be found peeping into windows rather suspiciously in Harbabureşti, true to his name as the Window-Peeper. Interact with the Suspicious Character and accuse them of their creepy activities to engage the Window-Peeper and put a stop to his disturbing antics.

Known Suspicious Character Locations

  • (1005,1079)
  • (1033,1106)
  • (1035,1112)
  • (1041,1087)
  • (1043,1108)
  • (1053,1136)
  • (1061,1144)
  • (1063,1138)
  • (1067,1075)
  • (1069,1160)
  • (1073,1093)
  • (1077,1158)
  • (1104,1139)
  • (1128,1155)
  • (1131,1048)
  • (1158,1164)

Abilities and Mechanics

Rend Reality

The Window-Peeper periodically attempts to Rend Reality with a frontal column attack.


The Window-Peeper's Hurricane is a PBAoE attack that will knock players down with Butterfly's Wings, a 3 second debuff.

The Grunch

The Winter Holiday Champion of the Shadowy Forest is The Grunch.

From Operation Seafoam Leader's laptop:

Location and Summoning Method

On a ledge overlooking the Dimir Farm is the aptly named Overlook (1080,1117). If interacted with by itself, there is a single message.

With some offerings, you could surely lure out The Grunch. Maybe the Dimir Farm has something it would be interested in.

There are [Crate of "Sausage"] around the Dimir Farm against various buildings and fences, abandoned and free for the taking.

Collect 5 [Crate of "Sausage"] and place them upon the Overlook looming above. If you have less than 5, it will kindly tell you that more are required.

Placing all 5 Crates will cause The Grunch to appear and immediately attack, enraged at the sight of the "sausages". Should you die before defeating The Grunch, you will need to collect crates all over again.

Abilities and Mechanics

Body Stasis

The Grunch is immune to weakening effects.

Virulent Disease

Upon The Grunch casting Virulent Disease, you become afflicted with a painful DoT also named Virulent Disease, which deals massive damage every second but is quick to fall off. Virulent Disease can be cleansed.

Bleaching of Bones

Compared to the other attacks from The Grunch, Bleaching of Bones is not only comparatively slower to cast, but doesn't apply any debuffs or DoTs whatsoever - instead, it is a TAoE that deals massive damage.


The Grunch quickly casts Spite every so often, which applies Corrupted to his foe - you. Corrupted reduces the effectiveness of heal, barrier, and leech effects by 3% per stack. Corrupted can be cleansed.

Prehistoric Sickness

The Grunch is not through with applying strange things to you yet! Prehistoric Sickness, once cast successfully, gives you Necropolis Rot, which lowers your chance to critically hit and can stack up to 10 times.


The Winter Holiday Champion of the Carpathian Fangs is Permafrost.

From Operation Seafoam Leader's laptop:

Location and Summoning Method

Examine a Suspicious Snowpile to awaken Permafrost. Suspicious Snowpiles can be found in any number of locations throughout the Carpathian Fangs.

Known Suspicious Snowpile Locations

  • (825,1260)
  • (607,505)
  • (965,915)
  • (1035,780)
  • (1033,402)
  • (580,807)
  • (551,1202)

Once awakened, Permafrost immediately begins its assault with a Cold Wave.

Abilities and Mechanics

Ice Fracture

Being made of ice, Permafrost easily fractures. With Ice Fracture, there is a 100% chance of Critical Hits if the target is suffering impairment effects.

Cold Wave

Permafrost slams its fists down in a Cold Wave, a cone attack dealing a large amount of damage to those within it.

The Forgotten

The Winter Holiday Champion of Kaidan is The Forgotten.

From Operation Seafoam Leader's laptop:

Location and Summoning Method

Throughout Kaidan are Abandoned Photographs, incredibly small black and white photos with a single woman standing alone in the shot. Due to their size, they can be very easy to miss. Examining an Abandoned Photograph causes it to disappear in a purple plume of spectral smoke and a ghostly wail.

Examine all 4 Abandoned Photographs in any order to summon The Forgotten, who will appear once the fourth photograph is used regardless of which photograph ends up being the fourth.

Abandoned Photograph Locations

The Abandoned Photographs can be found in the following spots:

  • A fallen swan boat (782,15).
  • A courtyard in the Orochi Housing Projects (844, 216).
  • A building's perimeter (699, 527).
  • At the top of a building (626, 710) which can be accessed by a nearby ladder (619, 671).

The Forgotten wastes no time in attacking her summoner.

Abilities and Mechanics

Echoing Wail

In her anguish, The Forgotten lets loose an Echoing Wail around her. This oscillating attack is a PBAoE that attacks those closest, then in an ringer farther out and back. Anything hit by the Echoing Wail is Stunned for 5 seconds as well as damaged.

Nightmarish Screech

The Forgotten can let loose a Nightmarish Screech around her. Nightmarish Screech is a PBAoE that damages everyone close to her.

Spectral Flames

The angry spirit casts Spectral Flames in a column in front of her, harming anything caught in its path. These flames do not persist.

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