The Gatekeeper

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Agartha Deep Agartha (The Gatekeeper)
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The Gatekeeper is a 40-player Open Raid encounter available during the Anniversary Event in Agartha.

Tier 1

Task Description: The crystallized impurities from Gaia's Talos have lured the Gatekeeper to the depths of Agartha. There they turned the tables and infused him with their corrupting rage. Only due to your swift action was the Gatekeeper able to burn off the impurity.

Objective: Collect your reward

Upon bringing The Gatekeeper's HP to 0, the Gatekeeper ceases fighting and expels the Shards of Corruption that had tainted him, swiftly teleporting away while applying the raid mission The Gatekeeper to all participants in the instance. Within seconds of receiving the mission, it automatically completes.

Gate Crasher
Defeating the Gatekeeper within Deep Agartha awards the achievement Gate Crasher.

The Shards of Corruption strewn across the Deep Agartha platform and can be attacked and destroyed; however, they provide no drops or achievements for doing so.

Agartha will expel players from the raid instance shortly after defeating the Gatekeeper. Removal from the instance is staggered to reduce server lag, so some players will be teleported out first and others may have to wait a few seconds to leave the instance.

The Gatekeeper gives a Spoils of the Hallowed Earth upon turn-in. This mission has a 10 minute cooldown.

For more information on the contents of Spoils of the Hallowed Earth or the Anniversary Event itself, see our Anniversary Event Guide!

Summoning the Gatekeeper

General Information

The Gatekeeper is a 40-player Open Raid encounter available during the Anniversary Event in Agartha. The Gatekeeper's Gate serves as the portal to a unique version of Deep Agartha and must be opened using 11 Shards of Corruption filled with hatred and anger acquired from the Genizot of each Talos of Gaia.

The following FIFO message will appear on-screen when the Gatekeeper's portal to Deep Agartha has been opened:

A portal to Deep Agartha has opened on the main platform.

Once opened, the portal will persist for 10 minutes before closing again.

The portal to The Gatekeeper's raid can be found near the Hollowed Halls (500,175), opposite of the portal to Vibrant Agartha. When inactive, the Gatekeeper stands at attention in front of it.

Shards of Corruption

In order to open the portal to The Gatekeeper's portion of Deep Agartha and summon The Gatekeeper within, 11 Shards of Corruption must be used in front of The Gatekeeper's portal. Shards of Corruption are rare drops from the Genizot rewarded for defeating the Talos of Gaia.

Upon using a Shard by the Gatekeeper's platform, a vestige of the Shard‘s respective Talos' angst will dutifully run to its place in the circle surrounding the portal.

A player can use multiple Shards toward a summon; however, no Shard used is actually consumed unless the ritual is successful through the presence of all 11 Shards in a single instance of Agartha, and only Shards in that particular instance will be consumed. As long as 11 Shards are used in a single instance of Agartha, the portal will open for all instances of Agartha for exactly 10 minutes.

Angry Feet
Using a Shard of Corruption to open the portal will grant the Angry Feet achievement, provided your Shard of Corruption was consumed.

Shards of Corruption

  • Aberrant Shard from the Genizah of Frost rewarded by The Talos of Frost
  • Agitated Shard from the Genizah of Magma rewarded by The Talos of Magma
  • Crazed Shard from the Genizah of Clay rewarded by The Talos of Clay
  • Destructive Shard from the Genizah of Stone rewarded by The Talos of Stone
  • Irascible Shard from the Genizah of Concrete rewarded by The Talos of Concrete
  • Irate Shard from the Genizah of Technology rewarded by The Talos of Technology
  • Furious Shard from the Genizah of Sands rewarded by The Talos of Sand
  • Frenzied Shard from the Genizah of Swarms rewarded by The Talos of Swarms
  • Frenetic Shard from the Genizah of Silver rewarded by The Talos of Silver
  • Roiling Shard from the Genizah of Water rewarded by The Talos of Water
  • Ruinous Shard from the Genizah of Verdancy rewarded by The Talos of Verdancy

Shards are Unique and are an indepdentent additional roll in a Genizah’s loot table.

Deep Agartha

After 11 Shards of Corruption have been gathered at the Gatekeeper, the portal to Deep Agartha opens and allows entry for 10 minutes. Players can also Meet Up on other players within the Gatekeeper's Deep Agartha until the instance has been open for 10 minutes, at which point the instance will no longer be accepting new players. Any Meet Ups after the instance has closed to new players will result in a new instance of Deep Agartha being opened instead.

Enter Deep Agartha and run the branch to the main platform below.

Once inside, the Shards of Corruption can be found joining into a strange circle, whereupon they conduct an unusual dance-like ritual fueled by their anger. When it is complete, the Gatekeeper appears only to be knocked down by an offending Shard.

With the Gatekeeper down, the Shards begin their assault and all converge on the Gatekeeper in a nexus of rage.

From there, the Gatekeeper absorbs the Shards and their fury. This is where the true fight with the Gatekeeper begins.

Equal Footing

Players within Deep Agartha are buffed with Equal Footing so that their stats are scaled evenly regardless of their level or item power.

Abilities and Mechanics

151457584 HP

Immune to CC

The Gatekeeper is permanently immune to Stuns, Knock Downs, Obstruction, Roots, and Snares.

Burning Light

In his fury, the Gatekeeper summons a beam of burning light. Burning Light is a column attack focused on a single person that will leave a persistent trail of damaging fire where it is cast. In addition, anyone within the column of Burning Light when it is initially cast will be heavily damaged by Don't Look At It! as the direct hit of Burning Light.

While being cast, Burning Light will follow whomever it is targeted on until the cast is complete. It is best not to drag the trail of Burning Light on top of other players. Extreme care should be taken to avoid blasting the Custodian groups or a majority of the raid.

Incandescent Salvo

Filled with rage, the Gatekeeper assaults the arena with a flurry of fire through his Incandescent Salvo. This GTAoE does immense damage and should be avoided. The Salvo's effects will persist on the ground for some time, damaging all who stand within.

Ultraviolet Translocation

Every so often, The Gatekeeper casts Ultraviolet Translocation, which causes the main tank to be Stunned for 5 seconds and translocates them to the Anima Well. When one tank is translocated, another must maintain aggro and become the main tank until another translocation occurs and the tanks once more swap.

Ultraviolet Translocation causes the stunned tank to be enveloped in a bright red light while the Gatekeeper is translocating them.

The Gatekeeper casting Ultraviolet Translocation on the focus of his aggression: a shotgun wielding woman in the back. She is surrounded by a red swirl and a bright light.

Conduit Recall

If the focus of the Gatekeeper's ire attempts to reach the Custodians and their branches or otherwise runs too far away, the Gatekeeper will rapidly and harshly pull his target right back to him through a Conduit Recall while dealing massive damage in the process.

The Gatekeeper will only initiate a Conduit Recall in a situation where every single person is dealing with the Custodians, leaving nobody directly engaged with the Gatekeeper.

Do not stray far from the Gatekeeper's side when acting as the main tank if there is nobody else attacking the Gatekeeper.

To be ignored infuriates the enraged Gatekeeper.

Anima Overload

Overwhelmed with Anima and eager to overwhelm others, the Gatekeeper spreads it to every member of the raid through Anima Overload. Each player will get one of two debuffs: Anima Torrent or Overcharged Anima for 20 seconds. When this happens, two pools of anima will appear on the Gatekeeper’s platform, each corresponding to one of two debuffs. If either Anima Torrent or Overcharged Anima is not cleansed, it will take ~75% of a player’s health.

Both debuffs provides a 10% damage output boost and movement speed increase during their duration; however, unless cleansed, they cause devastating damage at the end of timer. Neither can be cleansed through normal means, but instead must be cleansed by entering the anima pool associated with the debuff afflicting you.

Anima Torrent

If you have Anima Torrent as your debuff, the world will acquire a red tint to it with a darker border. Anima will spark around your body.

The Anima Torrent cleansing pool is an orange circle. It will always be found across or at least adjacent to the Overcharged Anima cleansing pool.

Overcharged Anima

If you have Overcharged Anima as your debuff, the world will acquire a dark gray tint to it with a darker border. Anima will glow around your body.

The Overcharged Anima cleansing pool is a bright white circle. It will always be found across or at least adjacent to the Anima Torrent cleansing pool.


1771437 HP

Branching from the main platform of Deep Agartha are three portals from which Custodians periodically emerge from throughout the encounter.

Custodians will walk down their respective branches until they reach the Gatekeeper. Damaging a Custodian will put it to sleep for a short time. They are invulnerable while asleep.

Ultimately, the Custodians must be destroyed. It is recommended that a few players per branch, preferably DPS, wait on each branch to burn the Custodian as soon as it awakens. These branch groups should not wander far from the branches, if at all, lest the Custodians gain farther ground, particularly in an instance with fewer players.

Do not let them reach the Gatekeeper at all costs.

Anima Transfer Protocol

When a Custodian has reached the Gatekeeper, it will begin to cast Anima Transfer Protocol.

This ability will heal the Gatekeeper to full health if given the chance. As such, it is of immense priority that the Custodians be killed before they can reach the Gatekeeper and complete the Anima Transfer Protocol.

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