The Talos of Frost

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Agartha Vibrant Agartha (Frost Talos)
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The Talos of Frost is a 40-player Open Raid encounter available during the Anniversary Event in Agartha.

Tier 1

Objective: Collect your reward

Upon defeating the Frost Talos, the raid mission The Talos of Frost will be applied to all participants in the instance. Within seconds of receiving the mission, it automatically completes.

Defeating the Frost Talos gives the buff Anima Surge, which allows a player to open a Buzzing Hive during its 10 minute duration. Only one [Buzzing Hive] can be opened per Anima Surge effect.

Agartha will expel players from the raid instance shortly after defeating the Frost Talos within. Removal from the instance is staggered to reduce server lag, so some players will be teleported out first and others may have to wait a few seconds to leave the instance.

The Talos of Frost gives a [Genizah of Frost] upon turn-in. In addition, it rewards 1 [Animated Particulate] for First-Time Completion. This mission has a 30-minute cooldown.

For more information on the contents of Buzzing Hives, the Genizah of Frost, Animated Particulates, the Talos of Gaia, or the Anniversary Event itself, see our Anniversary Event Guide!

General Information

The Frost Talos

The Immaculate Machine has initiated the education protocols, desiring to teach Her bees how to best protect Her. Unfortunately for the bees, something has corrupted all of the Talos of Gaia that have been created for teaching purposes, including the Frost Talos.

The Frost Talos is one of the 40-player Open Raid encounters accessible in Agartha through the Vibrant Agartha instance, which will always contain 1 Talos of Gaia raid boss out of a total of 11 different Talos of Gaia raid bosses found within Vibrant Agartha. Every hour at 00:02 minutes past the hour, the portal to Vibrant Agartha becomes active for 10 minutes. While bosses inside may last after that period of time, no more may enter to face a Talos once those 10 minutes have passed. An instance of Vibrant Agartha will close 30 minutes after the first player has entered that instance regardless of whether or not the Talos of Gaia is engaged in combat.

The Talos of Gaia present within Vibrant Agartha rotates every hour.

There are no level requirements necessary to enter and face the Frost Talos. A player only needs to have met Jack Boone in Kingsmouth Town in order to participate in the raid.

Vibrant Agartha

The portal to Vibrant Agartha can be found between the Agartha Pad to the Training Grounds and the Transylvania region just outside of the Hollowed Halls (550,250). It is festively decorated with balloons, piñatas, and streamers.

Equal Footing

Players within Vibrant Agartha are buffed with Equal Footing so that their stats are scaled evenly regardless of their level or item power.

Abilities and Mechanics

106286032 HP

Immune to CC

The Frost Talos is permanently immune to Stuns, Knock Downs, Obstruction, Roots, and Snares.

Crystalline Growth

Befitting its name, Gaia's Frost Talos is capable of Crystalline Growth to create ice crystels aplenty. Crystalline Growth is cast in a 360 degree PBAoE with a 30 meter radius and a 1 second cast time and 20 second recast time. Crystalline Growth is initially cast 10 seconds after engaging the Frost Talos in combat, with subsequent casts adhering to the 20 second recast time.

A minimum of 10 random points within the 30 meter PBAoE radius have a Crystalline Growth 360 degree GTAoE cast onto them that will persist on the ground for 8 seconds before shattering in a Crystalline Shatter.

Casting Crystalline Growth modifies the Frost Talos' cooldown of Icy Reach to 2 seconds so that Icy Reach will always occur 2 seconds after Crystalline Growth.

Crystalline Shatter

After 8 seconds, each Crystalline Growth of the Frost Talos shatters in a 360 degree PBAoE 5 meter radius. Anyone within the immediate vicinity of the resulting Crystalline Shatter is hit by physical damage equal to approximately 12.5% of their maximum HP.

Icy Reach

After placing its Crystalline Growth, the Frost Talos waits 2 seconds and then slams the ground around it to spread its Icy Reach. Icy Reach is a 360 degree PBAoE that has a 1.5 second cast time and cannot be recast until its recast time is reset to 2 seconds by Crystalline Growth. Icy Reach inflicts physical damage and is capable of hitting a maximum of 30 foes within its 25 meter radius.

Anyone hit by the Frost Talos' Icy Reach becomes Hindered by an Icy Reach root and unable to move for 6 seconds. It wants to freeze everyone in place with its Icy Reach so that they can be hit by the upcoming Crystalline Shatter of nearby Crystalline Growths.

Avoid being next to any Crystalline Growths when the Frost Talos spreads its Icy Reach.

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