Secret World Legends Stream Summary - Get Ready!

TRANSMIT - initiate the jingle jangle jargon.

The Secret World Legends Funcom stream on 11 December 2019 left quite a few bits of news for sweetlings to review! We will go into much greater detail concerning the upcoming content and everything involved once the patch hits, so don't worry about our brevity!

WITNESS - The Reveals.

First off, the Winter Holidays are returning on December 12th, just one day after the stream aired. But that's not all, because the patch coming will contain not only the Winter Holidays; there's also as-of-yet unannounced bugfixes and a slew of new content!

Elite Difficulty scaling past E10 is no longer limited to Occult Defence Scenarios, and now applies to Dark Agartha and all scaling missions. This, of course, comes with greater challenges - but also greater rewards!

Glyphs will no longer be the only thing to reach 4-pips. Dark Agartha will now reward fragments to create Resplendent Talisman Imbuers in much the same way as the current Elaborate Glyph Imbuers - and to celebrate their addition, one of the Seasonal Daily Login Rewards for Winter Holidays 2019 will be a Resplendent Glyph Imbuer!

For added challenge, Dark Agartha has an entirely new mode - Challenge Timelines! Dark Agartha Challenge Timelines (DACTs) are alternate timelines to the daily Dark Agartha timeline and come with added modifiers, all of which rotate daily! Completing a DACT is more rewarding, giving more fragments and even the chance at cosmetic rewards! Faction colored spacesuits just like the kind Shane Newehart and the Invictus crew wear in Moons of Madness are available through DACTs, so you too can follow your destiny! Not only that, DACTs give you the opportunity to obtain a new emote! What emote it could be is a mystery to everybody, so we're excited to find out what it is alongside all of you!

New emotes are also available directly from the Emotes GUI!

Revealed emotes include a Salt emote, Evil Laugh emote, Finger Guns emote, and Yare Yare emote. Is this a JoJo reference? Yes, yes it is.

Agent Writing Contest rewards have found their way into the upcoming patch. The Andy and Nicole Agent Dossier: The Duo will be implemented and given to all who participated in the Agent Writing Contest. The Winner and Runner-Up Agents from the contest can be purchased from the Shadow Trafficker for 8 HexCoins. The Cleaner, the grand prize winning Agent, will also give you a piece of Agent Equipment when acquired.

A special kind of Cache known as an Arsenal is also making its appearance. Arsenals rotate separately from the primary Cache and lack cosmetics, weapon skins aside. The Dark Agartha Arsenal contains weapons both Filthy and Third Age!

A recording of the stream can be found HERE on the Funcom Twitch page.

Tune in on December 12th, sweetlings! We'll be waiting with so much to show you.

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