Envoys of Avalon Autumnal Equinox 2019

The Autumnal Equinox looms, and with it come Envoys of Avalon! Avalon's barriers hold strong at the height of the equinox, allowing the Druids of Avalon to safely venture forth from their occluded island. Within Agartha's Hollowed Halls the Envoys search for the aid of any Secret Worlder willing to help prepare the Druids for any possible disaster that might strike.

The Envoys of Avalon will be in Agartha from 20 September 2019 at 10 AM EDT to 5 October 2019 at 9 AM EDT, or from September 20th through October 4th, with the event ending on the early morning of the 5th.

To help the Druids, go to the Seed of Life in the Hollowed Halls of Agartha and speak to representative Fearghas Abernathy (565,190) for his mission, which will require waves of Occult Defence Scenarios be completed.

It is upon us once more, agents! The real-life Autumn Equinox arrives Monday, September 23 - to mark the occasion, the Envoys of Avalon return to Agartha beginning tomorrow, September 20 and shall mingle with Secret Worlders through October 4th. Seek them out in the center of Agartha beginning 9:00 AM EDT and prepare yourself for Occult Defence!

To coincide with the event, Free Scenario Chest Weekends will occur from September 20th - 23rd and September 27th - October 1st! Every scenario Reward Chest will be able to be opened without spending keys!

Not only are the Druids out and about for the equinox encouraging scenarios, but so are sales! During the Envoys of Avalon event, all Druids of Avalon Agent Boosters are 50% off and all Catalysts and Imbuers are 30% off!

The Ninja sprint is also 55% off in honor of the infamous Area 51 raid "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" which told attendees, "if we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets". Can you believe it?

Let us shed some light on everything the Druids have to offer during this biannual phenomenon with our Envoys of Avalon event guide! Check there for even more in-depth information on what the Envoys of Avalon consists of as well as a basic description of the Occult Defence scenario!

If you haven't done the Occult Defence Scenario since 2018, you may be unaware of what changes and new mechanics have occurred. Our post detailing Update 2.3.1 summarizes what was added!

More information on the Druids of Avalon Agent Booster as well as the Agent Network itself can be found on our Agent Network Master Guide.

Check out the the official Funcom announcement of the 2019 Autumnal Equinox visit of the Envoys of Avalon!

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