Envoys of Avalon Vernal Equinox 2019

The Equinox looms; it's time to help the Envoys of Avalon! With their barriers at their strongest with the height of the equinox, the Druids of Avalon leave their hidden lands. From within the Holllowed Halls of Agartha, they beseech any Secret Worlder willing to aid them in preparing for any occult disaster that might strike their beloved Stonehenge.

To help the Druids, go to the Seed of Life in the Hollowed Halls of Agartha and speak to representative Fearghas Abernathy (565,190) to take his mission, which will require waves of Occult Defence Scenarios be completed.

Let us shed some light on everything the Druids have to offer during this biannual phenomenon with our Envoys of Avalon event guide! Check there for even more in-depth information on what the Envoys of Avalon consists of as well as a basic description of the Occult Defence scenario!

If you haven't done the Occult Defence Scenario since the last equinox or earlier, you may be unaware of what changes and new mechanics have occurred. Our post detailing Update 2.3.1 summarizes what was added!

The Druids aren't the only thing to return with the Equinox - the Infernal Cache is back! See more of what this Cache has to offer here!

There's still time to help the Envoys of Avalon - don't wait until it's too late!

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