Envoys of Avalon Vernal Equinox 2021 Reward Compensation

To compensate for the 2021 Vernal Equinox Daily Login Rewards for the Envoys of Avalon ending one day earlier than the event itself, Funcom has granted a Weapon Fusion Catalyst to all players who claimed at least one of the Envoys' Seasonal Daily Login Rewards for this year's vernal equinox! This Weapon Fusion Catalyst can be found for a limited time in Delivered Items as accessible through the main menu or through the /delivereditems command.

Anyone who has at least one daily login reward claimed from the Spring Equinox 2021 cycle should now have a Weapon Fusion Catalyst in their Delivered Items. You may snag this once on each character on your account! You have until April 10 to claim this.

The Daily Login Rewards for the Envoys of Avalon's visit this spring equinox were active for 14 days for the 14 rewards present and concluded with the final day to collect them being March 30; however, the Envoys of Avalon event had one more full day scheduled for it and went through March 31. There was a single day of the event where there were no claimable rewards while the event as a whole remained active.

This caused some confusion for a number of players, as some believed they would be able to grab one of the Seasonal Login Rewards on the 31st if they still had any to claim only to find themselves unable to pick up their rewards on the final full day of the event.

To make up for this ambiguity, Funcom has awarded a Weapon Fusion Catalyst, the final Daily Login Reward for the 2021 Vernal Equinox, to all players who had claimed at least one of the event's Daily Login Rewards! This epic Weapon Fusion Catalyst can be found in Delivered Items for all eligible players until April 10, so pick up that Catalyst while you have a chance, sweetlings!

See here for the official word from Funcom on the matter.

For more about the Envoys of Avalon event and what Daily Login Rewards it entails, see our Envoys of Avalon Event Guide!

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