Extended Maintenance Downtime Compensation

On 14 November 2019 at 9 AM EST, Secret World Legends' servers went down alongside all other Funcom MMO servers for a period of extended maintenance for the hardware with an estimated downtime of 8 hours.

When the servers came up 5 hours later, sweetlings began to find a honeyed-neat treat!

As a little compensation for today's extended downtime, you should find a couple gifts in your Delivered Items when you log back on. You have 7 days to claim these (once per account!!!!!!)"

- Andy Benditt

All characters in Secret World Legends were gifted compensation with a Cache Key and the Gravity Skates sprint! The Gravity Skates were previously awarded on only one occassion: successful completion of a Limited-Time Challenge event in The Secret World (TSW), making this the first time the Gravity Skates have been awarded in SWL!

These gifts must be claimed within 7 days from /delivereditems if you want them - by 21 November 2019, the offer expires and they'll disappear from /delivereditems!

Despite initial announcements, the Gravity Skates can be claimed on every character on an account!

Check out the Gravity Skates and get ready to become the blue blur! We know you gotta go fast, sweetlings.

Due to a bug, the free Cache Key was temporarily disabled if not already claimed by the time the issue was discovered. It is expected to return and be claimable once more for those who didn't yet do so on 15 November 2019. We will update this post accordingly when it returns.

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