Krampusnacht 2018

The Krampus Gate has been left open. Strange things shudder and lurk in Yule.

Krampusnacht is once more here! From 12 December 2018 to 2 January 2019, you can enjoy all of the festivities involved in the Winter Holidays.

Krampus haunts the world, Hel awaits in Niflheim and Agartha both, and unusual seasonal champions have begun to make themselves known, all while Phoenician activity is on the rise.

Behold a winter wonderland! Starting December 12th through January 2nd, Krampusnacht returns to Secret World Legends!

Elusive, powerful creatures have emerged from the shadows in strange sightings across the world; it’s up to you to hunt them down and get to the bottom of their appearance! Accept bounty missions from the Paragon activity board in Agartha to begin your task.

These special champion enemies may require some extra leg (or brain) work to coax them from hiding.

Additionally, the Krampus Gate has swung open once more, ushering an invasion of a foe most hairy and vile: The Krampus! Spawning around the world, you must defeat them and take the battle to Niflheim itself!

The Winter Holidays of 2018 bring with them all 2017 Krampusnacht content, an entirely new series of champions that require more unusual sleuthing to summon and solve, and an entirely new investigation mission never before seen in either The Secret World or Secret World Legends!

In addition, two new ♦️5 Agent Missions concerning vampiric beings have been added: The Hopping Dead for Dragon players, and Strigoi in Brooklyn for Illuminati players. Both missions have the potential to reward Agent Vanity Reward Bags and serve to offer these two factions an equivalent to the Templar-only mission, V is for Vampire Soup.

For those who adore cats, achievements, or both, two new pets have been added to Dr. Caligari's achievement store: the Kitten Carrier available for 300 Third Age Fragments at 4500 Achievement Points, and Rooibos' Kitten Carrier available for 600 Third Age Fragments at 5500 Achievement Points. Using them causes many cats to follow you. It's absolutely adorable.

As of the patch, a Faction Drone will appear to you when you pick up an item from the Remote Auction House accessible as a Patron!

With the start of Krampusnacht comes the return of the Winter Cache! If curious about caches, our Cache page may be of aid.

See the Official Krampusnacht 2018 Announcement, as well as the 12 December 2018 Patch Notes for the event!

An in-depth Event Guide for the Winter Holidays is available with all information pertaining to it!

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