Secret World Legends' Fifth Anniversary

Happy Fifth Secret World Legends Anniversary and Tenth Anniversary to the Secret World IP! Praise be to the Immaculate machine as we continue to bee! Secret World Legends' Anniversary Event begins 9 AM EDT on 24 June 2022 and runs through 17 July 2022, ending at 9 AM EDT on 18 July 2022! Celebrate with fellow sweetlings across the Secret World and embrace Gaia's love with jubilation and joy. It's been many wonderful years with you, and we hope to see more through!

Witness the Fifth Anniversary with the Talos of Gaia, the Gatekeeper, the Beehemoth, and even the Stationmaster and Kaspu Nasiru too!

TRANSMIT - in parallel processes, in metaphysical folds, in extradimensional impossibilities - RECEIVE - initiate symmetry break bifurcation protocol - WHERE DOES IT GO? WHERE DOES IT GO? WHERE DOES IT GO? WHERE D-- - is V rising or is X striving? - WITNESS - The Fifth(?) Anniversary!

Witness the Talos of Gaia, sate a Gatekeeper filled with hate, bash a behemoth bee piñata known as the Beehemoth, or simply take some time to savor some sweets -- there's always something to do during the buzzing jubilations of the Anniversary!

The Hollow Earth itself is decorated for the whole duration of festivities: piñatas, balloons, and banners aplenty -- oh my! The Stationmaster has much to do and a strange shem stirs in the World Tree...

Every 2 minutes past the hour, a portal to Vibrant Agartha opens near the Hollowed Halls (550,250) every for 10 minutes, allowing access to eleven (11) Gaian golems, the Talos of Gaia. Each Talos of Gaia is a 40-player Open Raid encounter and is on rotation so that only one Talos is present per hour for eleven hours. Be sure to learn the seasonal Talos of Gaia legend while the Anniversary is in effect, and gain further understanding of the Talos' principle purpose.

Defeat the Talos to receive their Genizot full of rewards aplenty. Among the things within the Genizot are a total of 11 Shards of Corruption, each one embodying the angst of the Talos whose Genizah contained them. Take the 11 shards to the Gatekeeper (500,175) and ensure all are out and accounted for before him. The Gatekeeper will then open a portal to a very unique section of Deep Agartha. There, the Shards of Corruption enact a ritual to summon and then infuriate the Gatekeeper into a fight in the form of a 40-player Open Raid with its own unique mechanics and rewards. But as the Buzzing says, beware a Gatekeeper overly inundated with rage…

Another encounter unique to the Anniversary Event is the Beehemoth, an enormous bee piñata spawned directly at the discretion of Funcom's Community Managers and Game Masters! An instance-wide FIFO notifies everyone in Agartha when the Beehemoth appears right in front of the Hollowed Halls (495,240) platform! Those who bash the Beehemoth receive the Spoils of the Beehemoth as well as the unique Title: Beehemoth Slayer. Due to the irregularity and manual nature of the Beehemoth spawn, it is HIGHLY advised that any player who sees a Beehemoth call it out in General Chat as well as any other channels they desire, such as Sanctuary, so that other players can Meet Up and join the fun!

It would be remiss not to mention that there are seasonal Daily Login Rewards available to claim once per day per character for the entire length of the Fourth Anniversary! The Anniversary Daily Login Rewards for 2021 include the SWL 4th Anniversary t-shirt, distillates, AP and SP, Anima Shards, Talisman and Glyph Imbuers, a Signet Fusion Catalyst, one free Epic Cache Key, a Polymorphic Glyph Exchanger, and the Plan 'Bee' motorcycle, which runs on bees!

As is customary, the Anniversary Cache is back when the Anniversary is active! With the Anniversary in effect, the Agarthan Cache is longer the queen bee cache and is now out of rotation for the time being. The Anniversary Cache shares the same Anima-Touched Weapons as the Agarthan Cache, but its cosmetics are wholly its own! See all sweets of the Anniversary Cache and its contents or check out our Cache page for more information on the concept of Caches themselves.

The Secret World Legends community has many player-run events planned for the Anniversary! RP, PvP, PvE - it's all covered by a wide variety of contests and events hosted by the players for the players. Many of the contests held have unique prizes made possible thanks to Funcom, as well! From community leaders to individual players and Funcom themselves, everyone is eager to excite and entertain with contests and events this Anniversary! We have gathered up all announced events scheduled to occur during the Anniversary, so check them out HERE!

All the while, it seems the Animated Angst are afoot according to activity from the Stationmaster. Why not take a look?

Alongside the Anniversary Event is a swarm of sales for both cosmetics and power items alike. Sprint Upgrades, Imbuers, Catalysts, Agent Boosters, and a wide array of cosmetics primed for partying are all discounted heavily for the Fifth Anniversary Sale, which went live at 7:15 PM on 25 June 2022 and will remain active for the entire Anniversary time!

The official announcement on the Secret World Legends website can be found HERE! It is also available on the official Secret World Legends Funcom Forums HERE!

Our particle wings quiver and shiver as we dance the celebratory swarm of sweetlings all!

For a complete, in-depth look at the Anniversary Event, its various rewards, and all that it entails, please see our Anniversary Event Guide! Find everything you need as we weave a waggle-dance of delight!

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