Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest

Romance blossoms and love blooms, but you can always be sure that the Romantic Cake will be there for you and your crew. Thanks to Mr Rosenbaum, this cake is just a sweetheart. The Romantic Cake helps you out when times are tough. Regardless of whether you simply love cake or have seen this treat prevent defeat, the season of romance is the perfect time to share some appreciation for such a loving confectionery creation!

From 9 February 2022 until until the hands of time land on 25 February 2022, turn the tables on Mr Rosenbaum and create a Romantic Cake of your own!

Share your love for Secret World Legends and ravenously reaped Romantic Cake! Make sweet treats in the Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest! All beloved bees who partake have a chance at exclusive and never-before-seen cosmetics! Taste and see.

Recreate the beloved Romantic Cake we all know and love using any desired medium or media! It’s your turn, sweetlings, to make the very cake you can only get your honeyed hands on during the Rosenbrawl Open Week when the mysterious Mr Rosenbaum is feeling oh-so-generous!

There are three Cake Categories to enter into: True-to-Life, True-to-Game, and True-in-Heart. True-to-Life entails hyperrealistic cakes, whether they be baked or not. True-to-Game is for creations that attempt to accurately mimic the cake as it is seen in-game, potentially precise down to the very polygon! True-in-Heart is for creative and unique creations, including the abstract!

How each sweetling goes about doing so is up to them. Bake a true cake or mold one to life with skills of a craft. Yes, it’s true - there are many ways to make a cake! Physical or digital, any rendition of the Romantic Cake will flow so sweet, so taste the inspiration and see! - the venerable @Vomher wants cake. Do not disappoint them

There are some exceedingly exclusive cosmetics available from this cake contest for every level of winner, from participation all the way to first place.

Anyone who submits a qualifying entry into the contest will receive the coveted "Kawaii Revenant t-shirt", an absolutely adorable cosmetic that hasn't been available since 2013! On top of that, winners receive the "Heart Pajamas, purple" item that grants "Heart Pajamas, purple", and "Hooded Heart Pajamas, purple", which is exclusive to Secret World Legends Valentine's Day Community Contests!

The Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest also teases a new and never-before-seen cosmetic in the form of the "Morph suit, pink" which is to be rewarded prior to its true release to all first place winners in the three cake categories. Are you ready to be one of the few early owners of thus up-and-coming cosmetic?

Get out there and create, sweetlings!

Take a taste of the Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest on the Official Secret World Legends Forums!

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