Secret World Legends Steam Trading Cards Dropping Once More

Sweetlings who play Secret World Legends on Steam may find themselves swarmed by a sudden influx of Steam Trading Cards if they have not already done so!

As of 15 September 2020, Steam has fixed Steam Trading Cards for select Free-to-Play games - and this includes Secret World Legends. Secret World Legend's trading cards now behave as expected for Free-to-Play games. For every ~9 USD spent through in-game purchases such as Aurum or Patronage, a Steam Trading Card drop is unlocked and will appear in your Steam Inventory after a short while.

The swarm of cards is due to Steam granting all drops that you would have otherwise earned all along had the cards been working as intended. For any player who has made in-game purchases through Steam, the retroactive card rewards will occur when logging into Steam for the first time any time on or after the 15th of September. After that point, cards are awarded in a normal fashion.

This marks the first time that Secret World Legends has had Steam Trading Cards dropping and accessible since it was The Secret World! While these cards' art are labeled as being for The Secret World, the concept art and lore they use are is still valid.

Upon collecting an entire set of the cards, they can be crafted into badges that can be displayed on your Steam Profile. Crafting a badge grants special emoticons and profile backgrounds exclusive to the game that can be used to customize your Steam experience. The cards, emoticons, and profile backgrounds can also be traded or sold to other players through the Steam Market, if so desired.

To see how many card drops you've earned, as well as how much money you've spent on Secret World Legends, go to your Steam Badges, which can easily be accessed through the Steam topbar dropdown menu for your profile or by going to your Profile and selecting Badges. Once there, find the Secret World Legends entry. In the top right of the Secret World Legends Badge header is a count of how many drops you have remaining and a hyperlink, "How do I earn card drops?" next to it. Click on the link to see just how many cards have been granted to you in the deluge.

Steam has a promotional page for basic information regarding Steam Trading Cards themselves, as well as an FAQ.

Stay tuned! We plan to have an in-depth explanation to Secret World Legends' Steam cards and their associated badges, emoticons, and backgrounds within the next few days!

You too can have this beautiful bird grace your Steam Profile. The revenant awaits. How could you ever deny it?

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