The Unofficial Legends of the Secret World Book Series

Lore and legends brimming with story are no stranger to the Secret World, sweetlings! Secret World Legends is an amazing setting with wonderful writing and worldbuilding just oozing potential.

Potential that Wedd, otherwise known as Blodwedd Mallory, an avid player of Secret World Legends, is using with permission from Funcom to print and sell non-canon stories within the Secret World IP. She is author to the Unofficial Legends of the Secret World, and as of 31 May 2019 with the release of Dead in the Water, has published three books in the series.

The Unofficial Legends of the Secret World so far follow Blodwedd "Wedd" Mallory as she goes from being a student at Innsmouth Academy to a fresh agent of the Templars while working to understand the supernatural surrounding her. Not only must she survive her studies and uncover secrets while under occult siege, but she must survive being a member of a secret society - the ancient cabal known as the Templars - and all that entails for an aspiring agent.

An agent who will find themselves Chosen by Gaia to become one of Her bees, destined to protect the Immaculate Machine!

While these tales aren't canonical, they are still worth checking out for any bee eager for more in the Secret World.

Maybe they will inspire other sweetlings to transmit their stories to the hive?

To Sir, With Love

When the world ends, the fog rolls into Solomon Island and the dead start to rise. Innsmouth Academy senior Blodwedd Mallory fights to save her school from the destruction. But can she uncover secrets of the Academy’s dark history in time to stop Mal’un the Accursed from destroying the headmaster and preventing her graduation and initiation as a Templar?

London Underground

When she leaves Innsmouth Academy to join with the Templars, Blodwedd “Wedd” Mallory hopes to finish her training and be assigned to the field as an agent like her mother. But, will her chances be sidelined by Special Assignment Supervisor Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn and Master-of-Arms Brigadier George Lethe when a deadly supernatural bomb in Tokyo throws the world into an uproar and her mother goes missing?

Dead in the Water

When Blodwedd Mallory returns to her old stomping grounds to deal with the supernatural menace threatening Solomon Island, she expects to spend her time killing zombies and helping the survivors in Kingsmouth. But, will her attempts to investigate the mysterious fog and the invading draug horde be thwarted by her tardy Templar partner, a dangerous contagion, and an old flame, Dragon agent Renee “Hadad” Laveau?

All three books are currently available for Kindle eBook and Paperback on Amazon.

Check out Wedd's website if you're curious about the Unofficial Legends of the Secret World!

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